If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

Elemental Aspect is Sexual in Purple Magick

Purple Magick

Magick, like the world itself, is not mono- chromatic. The concepts of black and white are theoretical models, and have no real basis in any experiential practice.

Absolutely, white is an abstract concept. Yes.

Reality falls along a spectrum, perhaps one that is roughly the equivalent of the time space continuum, and as they say there is a time and place for every purpose. Where the error to that line of thought is, is the idea that time is linear, and that space is flat. Thus the arrangement of the energy phases that make up reality seem to be more or less constantly parallel, is a matter of perspective.

Strings? Oh yes, circles dominate most of the geometry here.

I don’t understand what parallel energy phases means. We think that sometimes people get sick, yes? But in fact, people are constantly sick. It’s part of their nature. Every ounce of the potential that manifest when we say “we got sick” is and always was there. Everything that possibly can happen does happen, but it may not happen in your “memory” which is just a groove in the time space continuum.

Now the reason for all this background information is all facets of life have their own dimension of magick to them. That is all that magick is, the esoteric or “occult” elements of any skill, experience or activity. Occult means unseen, or is not currently in the scope of our awareness.

So, occult basically means something we do not yet know or most do not? Knowledge and awareness are different things.

We mostly perceive our days to pass more or less uneventfully most of the time, is this not so? But the forces that make up purple magick are always at play in our lives. The most elemental aspect of purple magick is sexual. I hope this isn’t crossing any boundaries for anyone, is it?

Nope, I’ve had gender my whole life and have become used to it. Well, I have no intention of indulging in vulgarity if that is any comfort, but everyone sees these things differently. Humanity comes together on the most primal level for the protection and perpetuation of the species.

From this core unspoken motivation, many complex behaviors arise. Most of our law comes from efforts to regulate the impulses that bring humanity together, ideally in such a way as to maximize liberty while assuring mutual security at the same time, though ultimately they do no such thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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