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Exoteric Elemental Magick in Magick

Elemental Magick

Let’s bring elemental magic out into the world, shall we? The exoteric elemental magick, everything external to you, still falls into one of the elemental domains.

Ever notice fiery people tend to like spicy food and favour the color red in their clothes or possessions or both? Down to earth people tend to like a “meat and potatoes” or vegetarian diet and favour earth tones in their clothes and home furnishings. And earthy people are more concerned with their homes, where fiery people tend to be more concerned with their cars or things that let them be energetic. Airy people tend to favour pastel colors and eat lighter meals or have a heavy sweet tooth, and water people tend to favour deep blues and greens, or “soothing” colors, and tend to be more concerned with drinks and creamy foods.

My point for all these elemental observations is you not only have an elemental affinity, but you can use elements in your environment to shift your relationship with the other elements.

Everyone would have all four elements in different percentages? Yes, exactly. Some more even across the board. Some with higher and lower elements, and although it might not make rational sense, if you want to change your life you can change the presence of elemental influences in your life. Either elemental personality types, or elemental colors, or elemental qualities in music or diet, or a mix of these.

I think it’s like they say in Meyers Briggs, you have a core, but you can range. However, know your core because it’s where you build from. If you never find your core, you’ll drift. Exactly, and in fact, the Meyers Briggs uses the four element system, and there are 16 elemental profiles, each being a different polarity in relationship to each of the four elements. Each of those types would link to a specific balance of the four elements.

It sounds like elemental magic is used in many other magics, like food magic, color magic, etc. As you say, it’s pervasive. Indeed, it is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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