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Bravery is not a virtue, it’s a decision.

Using Energies in the World in Magick


Using the energies is sort of like being in a gently flowing river. Most people are blown about by the winds or washed away with the waters, but you can see that the winds and the waters, the elements and the spirits, are not separate from you. Often, when the energies seem to rebel, when your “luck” seems to be going abnormally bad, it isn’t the forces of the world acting on you. It’s them obeying you and your own energies are arrayed in a self destructive way. You put your will out, and because you believe you are powerless, the repercussions seem like a mystery. The world, the universe itself, is remarkably cooperative, but in its own way, following its own nature. The te or “inherent virtue” of the forces as they are.

The law of attraction is extrapolated from earlier magickal practices. It is explored more exhaustively perhaps in hermetic philosophy, though the language of it is so archaic now that it’s virtually inaccessible to most seekers. Regrettably.

Is it wise to interpret or translate the poetic spiritual metaphor into common language? So that people who do not understand the metaphors can still receive a sense of the meaning of the wisdom? This question applies to today’s science. It seems a recurring problem. If we can understand, does that mean we know what to do with it? Will we be wise with this insight? I think we are at a stage culturally that has in some ways surpassed our ancestors, though perhaps not universally. But there seems to be a need for the counterbalancing influence of the wisdom of the magi, of the cabalists. They practiced these disciplines of necessity, but their traditions became a bit hidebound, very traditionalized.

The world is living. They were more attuned to the energies so it was more natural to use them, and they didn’t question it. They didn’t have to think about it. It is a very natural, almost instinctive, way to think. It’s our current state of questioning that allows us to use the process of questioning to grow further than humanity ever has, if we first return to seeing the wisdom of the intuitive mind, the nature of our connection to the world. Honestly, science seems to be in part doing this damage because it is counter intuitive. Breaks the old taboos set down by King Solomon, the ancient shamans, the old wise ones.

Science should not be rejected. It should be balanced. Science does damage when it no longer questions, but accepts and is dogmatic. Some scientists can be very close minded as were our ancestors in the mystical and magickal traditions. It is in part what lead to science. Originally, science didn’t have this vaulted role. It wasn’t even called science. It was called natural philosophy. Philosophy with measurement thrown in, but even the measurements have been proven now by their own discipline to be not objective. Functional yes, but not absolute.

Limitation and heuristic thinking of other kinds serve their purpose, but they can blind and have to some degree. If you take a car apart and separate the parts, could most of us tell it’s a car? Or what it’s meant to do?

Our ancestors understood meaning and purpose very well. Regrettably, that degenerated into human nationalism and ritual and placing one tradition of wisdom over another. It sort of was the crisis that brought about the “age of reason”.

Was meaning and purpose much simpler for our ancestors? Not so many other influences? Actually, there were very many influences. Rival warlords, disease, famine, predators. In times of war, dissent is treason and the dark ages were very much that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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