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Inflame Their Passions in Purple Magick

Purple Magick

Purple magick is not strictly or even originally a human phenomenon. It is evident in the pecking orders of other species as well as the final shape human law takes.

The forces behind it cannot ultimately be controlled. It’s not really possible, so instead they are channeled. They are channeled by popular media. They are channeled by the engineering that governs world economy, and they have even been channeled by theological culture crafting. Something has to be permitted, or nothing will be accepted as true. They have to allow you permission to accept some of your most basic feelings, or you will accept no one else’s value judgements.

So it’s a fine line that practitioners of purple magick walk, but they have come to do it very well so far. For many decades if not centuries, the tail has wagged the dog as they say. You don’t need to control the entire society you seek to exert influence over, just a highly desired sample of that society. Celebrities being perhaps the most obvious example for whatever they are celebrated for. Beauty can be bought as can intelligence and athletic prowess. Moral paragons are easily bought all in the name of satisfying what motivates them to manifest the traits they are esteemed for in the first place.

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Purple magick is a law of nature. You don’t have to control what people think, just present something to inflame their passions, “satisfy” their desires, but not so much that they lose desperation.

This explains why purple is the colour of royalty. Those who hold the reigns on this force control much of our consensus reality; libido, the life wish, craving. Give someone something to crave, and they will see no end of meaning in it. Is this unfair to say?

But this force is volatile. It from time to time devours those it was feeding. As mindless as it seems on the surface, there is an underlying intelligence. It’s bottom line allows for no such abstractions as money or wealth to control it in the long run. In the end, those whose ambitions exceed their sensitivity wind up irritating the force they are trying to control beyond its tolerance level, and the awareness of the parasite that the manipulator has become, spreads even beyond the bounds of that persons immediate contacts. The law of contagion kicking in. Someone in one of the few wilderness regions left in our world may have no real idea who the President of America is, but they can intuit that there is something very wrong with the world and that it stems from far off. This is their sensitivity to the forces of purple magick kicking in.

So, purple magick can be a balancing force, a monitoring force? A balancing force yes, like a flash fire or a flood.

A modifying force… Indeed, a modifying force. How much of a monitoring force it is depends on the awareness of this force being practiced in our world. Everyone is aware of it on a subconscious or intuitive level, but we can pay it more attention than that.

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Travis Saunders
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