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We do have a need to give love as well as receive it.

Minds of their Own in Goetia


If you were to ask what goetia is, I would have to say it’s working with the spirits of the air, and I don’t mean air elementals which are not known for being super cooperative or generous. Things get around in the shared perceptual and communicative medium, and ideas and stories often seem to take on a mind of their own. Side note, even the word genius was taken from the name of a particular type of daemon.

Genie. Yes. Genius loci were spirits that gave inspiration at specific places, and there were other types as well, even personal genius which were said to inspire many of the great Greek philosophers. Ever notice when a mood is going around a room or even a whole building, it doesn’t seem to infect everyone equally? It avoids some people, reacts differently to other people, and infects those it seems to choose to.

You can watch the behavior of a mood as it moves among any small group of people. Ever notice that even between friends, when one of them has caught the mood and the other hasn’t, it changes how the first person reacts to their friend? Almost like a subtle form of possession like the football/soccer mania that cost some people their lives in Egypt. These forces have been active in our world pretty much the same way since day one, but they are not engaged in a secret conspiracy to torment or subjugate humanity. They aren’t even necessarily compatible with each other.

I suppose it lets you see your real friends in how they react to your moods. It can, though I wouldn’t rely on it as a guide really. It’s not just moral weakness that makes people act so strangely.

The riot mentality is not weakness? No, not on an individual level. Put anyone in the middle of a battle field, and as peace loving as they might be, the fear from all that chaos and anger might make them start swinging at people if only to save their own lives likely leading to “friendly fire” situations where an innocent is hurt or even killed. Ever notice that moods are not even confined to moving about one species?

Oh, my dogs pick up on my moods all the time. And you on theirs. People have reported being nervous or afraid because of how their dogs or their horses were behaving, and honestly, in most cases with good reason. This is another one of those things that have been going on since humanity could remember. Each of the goetic spirits has a mood or temperament associated with it.

My horse pushed me away from a stranger that came up to talk to me and tried to bite the guy. Did you discover why your horse found him so repulsive? No, I just walked away with my horse. I trusted the horse. There was likely reason, and that was most likely the wisest course of action.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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