'Purple Magick' Chapter

Purple Magick

The forces that make up purple magick are always at play in our lives. The most elemental aspect is sexual. The forces behind it cannot ultimately be controlled. It’s not really possible, so instead they are channelled.

Purple magick is a law of nature. You don’t have to control what people think, just present something to inflame their passions, “satisfy” their desires, but not so much that they lose desperation.

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Elemental Aspect is Sexual

Magick, like the world itself, is not mono- chromatic. The concepts of black and white are theoretical models, and have no real basis in any experiential practice. Absolutely, white is an abstract concept. Yes. Reality falls along a spectrum, perhaps… Seek More

Inflame Their Passions

Purple magick is not strictly or even originally a human phenomenon. It is evident in the pecking orders of other species as well as the final shape human law takes. The forces behind it cannot ultimately be controlled. It’s not… Seek More

Purple Interaction with Red Magick

Now as much as those who serve the economy would want us to believe otherwise, all their money (one of many illusions and fabrication they have flooded the world with) can’t give them exclusive control of purple magick. They can’t… Seek More

Purple Haze

It seems over- whelming doesn’t it, having to live in this purple haze they keep us breathing? Yes, life is trouble. They produce the purple haze with noise pollution. They produce it with commercial incentives. What part of modern culture today… Seek More

You Are Desire

The secret behind mastering purple magick is the under- standing that you don’t do desire. It’s not something that happens to you either. You are desire. Can you desire something you have never seen? For most people no, not in… Seek More

Have a Handle on Desire Force

Well, perhaps an alternative. Take all these ideas with a grain of salt if that is what seems appropriate, but imagine a movement of individuals who all fully understand and have a handle on their desire force. Each deliberately designs… Seek More