The spirit of a city, of a state, of a nation, of the world, all very simple. The world sings if you listen.

Purple Haze in Purple Magick

Purple Magick

It seems over- whelming doesn’t it, having to live in this purple haze they keep us breathing?

Yes, life is trouble. They produce the purple haze with noise pollution. They produce it with commercial incentives. What part of modern culture today isn’t defined by the web of commercial incentives they make us all aware of?

It’s everywhere. Everything in the media. I turn it off. And well, the old system of loyalties is not gone either. They make certain you feel indebted for all they “give you”, never mind that to get it you have to give up most every moment of your waking life, and actually your dreaming life also. Have any of you not dreamed of possessing some popular item or conversing with some television figure? Anyone not reflexively see connections between people they know and figures from TV?

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So how do we begin to claim any of this back? Any ideas?

Unplug the media. It’s something to do, but it’s actually inadequate. Just unplugging the media will accomplish nothing really. If you unplug and no one else does, then what?

Well, you still allow yourself the ability to create more, even with all of the rest around you. You have hit on it. You can’t actually cut yourself off from purple magick, so instead understand and channel your own source. You can’t sway the entire field of purple magick, but each individual is a locus of this energy. And I mean no offense, but I can say it no clearer way, rule it or be ruled by it. Understand your desire instead of trying to deny it. Doesn’t anyone here honestly desire nothing?

But there is something more. Rituals don’t have to be complex, but we are creatures of ritual. You go through a ritual when you shop. You go through a ritual when you balance your check book. You can channel the otherwise unstoppable force of purple magick by expressing your own rituals of desire. Do you ever desire a thing the very first time you hear about it? I would offer that the first time you heard about whatever it was, you likely didn’t even recognize what they were talking about.

How about desiring a person the first time you meet them? You desire “a person.” You still have to develop the desire for that specific person, do you not? Desire changes, matures. Do your desires grow exactly as you would intend? Our culture gives us very little insight in how to cultivate and direct our own desire.

If I want it right away, it’s because it fits with an idea I have. Yes. If it seems like it’s immediate, it’s because much of the development of that desire happened in advance, and the new element just clicks with the previously growing pattern. Or is that unreasonable to say?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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