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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

Being Built of Desire in Desire


Life without motivation, could we call it life? Even bacteria have a raw will to live.

Lack of motivation is pretty much the definition of dead I’d say. We have motivation even when we don’t experience “motivation” on a conscious level. This is why we experience things like hunger and thirst. We don’t have to mentally decide that we are hungry or thirsty.

We have our own tastes so I guess that is motivation? That is also motivation.

But what I mean to say, is that our primary experiences that we call “being alive” are all forms of motivation. We are being built of desire. Your eyes have desire. You don’t have full conscious control over their behaviour.

It’s not just humans that have desire right? Exactly. All life has desire.

Plants desire sunIndeed. Organisms experience lack of desire or difficulty of its fulfilment as the same sort of stimuli that we call pain. Lack of desire disturbs homoeostasis.

Are needs just our more primal desires? Desires are more elaborate needs, but what gives rise to desire as contrasted to need is not whim, not a starter desire or anything like that. Contrary to some religious teachings, what gives rise to desire is the very real, primal, even visceral need for growth. Experienced growth tells the organism that it possesses strength which reassures it of continued survival.

Growth through experience? Yes. This is why we are so driven to pursue entertainment. Where our circumstances don’t introduce new experiences, we need, and I do mean need, to create them.

The wants we indulge that we enjoy the most are the ones that provide the most growth? Not necessarily. They can be, but they can also reinforce a sort of gluttony, creating a weight of inertia in our lives that hampers growth, also called “getting in a rut.” So we have a vast web of needs, and like any maze like structure it’s easy for people to get lost.

Everything in moderation as they say. Actually, even moderation can be overdone. Sometimes you really have to have that screaming meemee meltdown.

It seems that the “experts” have one idea of moderation other than the person does. Say in weight loss, they tell you how much of things you should eat, how much you should avoid. Indeed, which in the end is almost useless advice.

They think all people should follow the same advice and most people don’t find the advice helpful. They send some doctor to your house to rummage through your kitchen. Telling you all the things you are doing wrong. Treating people like mass produced machines rather than reproduced organisms.

And how you could die and get diabetes instead of being positive. It doesn’t seem a very effective way of being moderating. I ignore scientific restrictions on my diet, and just adding restrictions is indeed a pointless effort. I trust my own experience, and though I won’t stop doing something just because they are saying I should stop, I will replace old behaviours with new ones when they describe a benefit to it.

The needs are being ignored in favour of the wants of the TV show host. Oh indeed, this make for dramatic television.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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