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Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

You Aren’t in Control in Desire


Your inner consciousness, your subconscious mind, cannot make distinctions between concepts of want and need. If a feeling moves you, especially if it disturbs you, it’s just a need. The only difference it knows is urgency. Now here is something that may surprise you. Do you feel you are in control of pursuing your desires?

Not often no. Honest answer.

Usually, I do feel in control.

I myself practice a principle of informed indulgence. That is my personal practice, but I have something shocking for you. You aren’t in control. The subconscious knows only need and it prioritizes needs. Your thought, as we conventionally think about it, has little real impact.

More research is showing that thoughts are really follow up after the fact. They have been doing research on the insight process in the brain. Those problems that can’t really be worked out by logical reasoning require you to think outside of the box, and can’t actually be done by direct application or mental force.

But an interesting and relevant note here, your brain registers a spontaneous insight eight seconds before you become consciously aware of it. What do you think of that?

Maybe 8 milli-secs? No. Eight full seconds. The brain registers the recognition and connection that much earlier than you become consciously aware of it, and it registers the intention to move before you know you intend to do so.

I sometimes put my hands under very hot water (from faucet), but it takes a few seconds before I feel pain even though I have pulled my hand away before that. So experiential evidence there.

Is there no way to shorten the eight second delay? Not really no, but I will go into how to “hack” that.

The spinal cord has a mind of its own? It does yes, and it is the part that creates the foundation for any kind of conscious thought. It happens well before actual computation.

It has to feed through the slower logic circuits before registering? Indeed. The logic circuits, if you will, are much slower than the connections in the limbic system. But my point is this… That whole pain thing? Your subconscious mind registers desire as pain, and it registers the moment of sexual release as agony.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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