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The rebel is a slave. You can breath deeply and declare yourself free. You are just watching another dance.

Purple Interaction with Red Magick in Purple Magick

Purple Magick

Now as much as those who serve the economy would want us to believe otherwise, all their money (one of many illusions and fabrication they have flooded the world with) can’t give them exclusive control of purple magick. They can’t actually have absolute power.

The reason they can’t have absolute control over purple magick is that would require negation of human nature entirely. Humans would have to have every trace of libido, every once of desire or feeling eradicated from them, and to accomplish this would only extinguish life functions. Some these days are teetering on the verge of trying to do that though.

Like a pedophile eventually gets destroyed by his/her lust. Indeed.

The pedophile most likely was the victim himself of abuse as a child. It doesn’t sound like balance if he’s destroyed because of that. It’s not balance as people conventionally think of it. Balance as it’s commonly visualized doesn’t exist. Everything exists in a pattern of dynamic tensions, highly energized webs of interaction and exchange. This includes the forces behind purple magick.

Shall I explore one such connection purple magick has in brief?

Purple magick is related to desire and ambition, drive, but its function and force is in constant interaction with red magick, blood magick, healing and aggression. In red magick, the forces at play have nothing to do with desire. Everything in red magick seems like an absolute necessity, but red and purple magick are intimately entwined. So when the tide of purple magick swells too high and threatens to flood and drown out the rest of reality, make everything disappear into a haze of desire, red magick kicks in to cut those ties, bring clarity and bring people back to reality. If desire and its indulgence becomes too much the rule, then threat becomes common place.

Is this like eating so much chocolate that you lose your desire for it? It is indeed. The forces of red magick tell you that your blood has become too heavy laden with something that in excess is toxic. In truth, all excess is toxic.

When corporations become too fat and greedy, competitors will get the upper hand. Exactly. This is why Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” has become such a big reference on corporate culture. That book is one of the world’s most famous tomes on the topic of red magick, but back to purple magick…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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