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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Force Of The ID in Darkness


Addictions are a type of spiritual darkness. People repeatedly return to them, even though they are harming themselves. People in general have more addictions than they think they do. An addiction is any compulsion, but we usually call just compulsive indulgence an addiction. This is not at all honest.

You can find out by just trying to stop something. It can be surprising how difficult stopping something can be. You should naturally be able to quit doing anything you choose except for autonomic life support processes.

I have heard that any compulsive act or thought is because you’re avoiding feeling something. We don’t want to notice it? That is correct. If you addressed the feeling the compulsion would lose its force.

I’ve been going steady on the coffee since yesterday. Today, I’ve tried to slow down and moderate by having some water. Caffeine stops the fatigue I would naturally feel. Actually, it heightens it. This is why you have chronic fatigue. It makes your system think it’s ready for high function, but it isn’t. It deranges the biology. Fatigue is usually a symptom of depression, and depression is a habit for handling anger though honestly mishandling it.

Underlying causes with further underlying causes? Just one really. Freud was simplistic and narrow minded, but he got some things right. He didn’t know he was re-inventing the wheel. Jung figured that out though. They call it the Id. The force of the Id is the libido which is only superficially about sex drive, and all our thinking about this force in us is what twists it into things like depression, over-eating, schizophrenia, etc. It’s a long list. In mystical circles this force is called Eros. It was once considered sacred, source of divine inspiration, wisdom.

Morality? Judging it and therefore suppressing it? Modern morality has twisted everything about the human psyche, or everything it could. They would thank you for “fixing” them. Then they would have their sense of libido lessened, but this still wouldn’t cure anything because libido is not strictly sexual.

Modern morality seems like it was designed to separate people from their personal power. To gain power for authority or the “creator.” Authority didn’t create anything.

So then if libido isn’t strictly sexual, what else is it? Sensual, but it’s deeper than that. Sensuality is just a surface. It is the pattern of life force. It’s flow. It is the divine breath received from whatever source you feel gave man the breath of life, and extends well beyond individuals as well. The reason “sex” seems a rule across most species is that it’s a higher order manifestation of the expression of libido. In asexual creatures, absorption of food till there is enough material to spawn is just as much a function of libido as mate seeking is in “higher” creatures, and we have the same food drive in us as well. But it goes even deeper than that.

The hunger to mate and the hunger for food could be very well related? They are related, but still pretty shallow. There is a drive to adapt. There is a drive in all life to adapt to new regions with new resources, or to adapt these regions to the living thing in question, like invasive plant species.

Probably the cause of some eating disorders? Yes it is.

I’ve noticed that I’m less likely to indulge in eating unhealthily when I’m more sexually active. I don’t crave the fatty and sweet foods as much. In general, genuine sexual indulgence when it’s not compulsion is perhaps one of the most psychological healthy activities possible. Sexual compulsion doesn’t satisfy sex drive. It tends to sicken the mind like over eating, because it contaminates a very natural root function. This is why the “battle of the sexes” is such a sociological issue. Insane sexual compulsions actually form the substance of our social morals.

Take libido and sublimate it, and you can explain every compulsion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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