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So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Force Of Loyalty in Loyalty


Loyalty can make people so violent sometimes. Even if you are neutral, they would still see you as a threat. Their loyalty is worship. It’s loyalty without understanding. It could be called idolatry, but that illustrates the power of the force of loyalty. It’s not an idea that you can choose to have or to ignore. Loyalty is a force like gravity. Your loyalty will go somewhere.

Any excuse to start a bar fight. Bar fights can be cathartic, but they aren’t the wisest coarse of action. This is why I hold the idea that the return of ritual combat would be good. It doesn’t have to be to the death, but it would need to hurt.

Do cage matches count? They do. More people need to be involved in them.

How about loyalty in a pet? Are they feeling the same sense as us? Loyalty in pets is the same loyalty that can be in us. For them there is no conflict, no split or point to argue.

Dogs seem more loyal than cats. Is it really a difference? It’s not a real spiritual difference, no. But humans overlay judgement on their sense of loyalty, thinking.

Dogs like to be in a group, cats don’t. Cats do associate though and are very affectionate. Yes. Cats have their own pattern of loyalty. It is different from dogs, but it is there. Loyalty does exhibit itself in patterns. It’s like finger prints. I was told I have the prints of a seventy plus year old man. This was from a professional. Well, for animals, loyalty and territory are the same thing.

I know a pianist who has worn his fingerprints completely off. Some people lose almost all trace of their prints. Your pianist friend also likely loses themselves in their music as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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