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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Web Of Loyalty in Loyalty


The spirit world itself is structured in a web of loyalty.

All that exists does so because it has a spirit. Some spirits share their essence very deeply so can function as one being like a bee hive. Some essences are more independent though none are completely independent.

In the spirit world, you have the gift of life energy because it was gifted to you from another source, and when this stage of your existence passes, the process of transformation will return much of that borrowed energy. You borrow your life energy from the sky above and the earth, from the suns fire and the waters life essence. The salts in your blood mimic the salt content of the sea water for a reason.

There were old agreements in force in ancient days. The ancestors understood their loyalties quite clearly. Humanity has since become quite lost, but the map is still there. It’s written in your flesh and bone, in your heart and soul, you just have to desire to read it.

The universe (God) is the third point (observer), so is loyal to all but not divided? Exactly. Some don’t figure directly into considerations of loyalty, and cannot be the victim of disloyalty as well. Though there is no true victor when loyalty is ignored, the victimizer disconnects and disrespects themselves. Even if the spirits do not take their gifts back, the rest of the spirit world still behaves according to the natural ways. So they shut off their spirits from any help and often from any healing the world may have to offer them.

Don’t become confused friends, the spirits can take their gifts back. From time to time they do. The repo man comes in the form of disease, natural disasters, even seemingly “freak” accidents. But this action cannot be undertaken lightly, because the power that is reclaimed isn’t ultimately the property of any one spirit. A balance then has to be rebuilt, and peace reaffirmed, because the spirits are not all like minded and the world itself is not human-hearted. This making any sense? Does it sound like total nonsense?

So yes, loyalty. Ones natural affections are a base of loyalty. We love life (most of us) and we want to be alive. We are comforted by the presence of other life. This has been established even neurologically. They call the phenomenon biophilia. The presence of life makes us aware at least subconsciously that we can survive there as well.

When you betray loyalty what are you really doing? When you betray loyalty you cut your own wrist. You sever life flows.

You can change your mind on what you are loyal to. Some would see that as disloyal. That is just growth. Nothing is meant to be static even in the spirit world. Our own stem cells start out the same, but later pledge their loyalty to different cell colonies, become different organs. Some even go turn coat. We call those cells cancers. They are still alive. They still use nutrients, but they compromise the well being of their communities.

Some loyalties (like to a spiritual path) only serve for a time in your life and then you move on. The ultimate scene in which all loyalties play out is the universe itself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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