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In my experience, reason neither enables nor supports empathy or social justice.

Morality vs. Ethics in Loyalty


Loyalty is your choice of attention? Loyalty is not quite choice, but it does influence choice. Your inner mind recognizes where it comes from even if your conditioned outer consciousness denies any connections whatever. The conscious attitude of denial of relationship is called nihilism. How well do nihilists actually live their belief system?

Nihilists can’t believe in nothing, no one can. So the answer is never. Exactly, so excluding nihilism as a viable attitude, that leaves us with loyalty and the things we feel loyalty to.

The inner and outer stuff gets me confused because I don’t feel they are different. My inner kid for example is still just me. I feel loyal to my kid. It’s a blessing to have few conflicts inside.

There are loyalty ethics, but other kinds too. My own belief is that truly valid ethics are based on experience more than any convenient arbitration. That is just my belief.

I don’t like ethics. They feel like made up ways to control people, like sins and all that. Ethics plays strongly into today’s topic of loyalty. There is a difference between ethics and morality. Morality is based on ideas of what is good. This is what the word moral means, and well, the question of the good still remains a question to this day. But ethics are sets of principles that are seen to be prudent or functional to live by. They don’t necessarily include moral judgements. An example of a simple ethical principle would be don’t foul your families food while you are cooking.

This is why some business ethics are morally questionable. The business ethics are highly functional, but can also be morally bankrupt.

Doctors use ethics to avoid getting law suits. Indeed.

Functional for the whole of humanity, maybe, but there are non consequentialist ethics which say the right is simply the right. Indeed, this is so. Perhaps a more exhaustive discussion of absolute ethics could be another topic, but that is the summary of ethics in the nut shell.

Morality is the good. Ethics is the right, whether it’s good or not.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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