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Recognition Of Roots in Loyalty


The topic is loyalty. What is loyalty, friends?


Siding with you when others turn against you.

Being there for someone.

These are indeed aspects of loyalty.

I think loyalty is simply upholding the truth. You can be loyal to truth as well.

As with all things active in the world, loyalty runs very deep, and some parts of it appear mysterious to the popular thinker. Loyalty is intimately linked with the force of attention, and is perhaps the most powerful aspect of intention.

In this world, we have a steady stream of experience. You wake in the morning and you start experiencing things. You might even recall something you experienced as you slept, but is life and existence itself only experience?

Life would be rather chaotic if it was only experience. It would. It might even match the description many of the more seriously mentally disturbed people give of the world.

Maybe it depends on the pace? Perception of pace is an opinion, and this goes into loyalty.

In the whole body of our experiences, we don’t respond to them all in the same way. Each experience has a sort of quality of weight or tangibility, mana in a sense, spiritual force, and these things have qualities that are recognizable as having similar meaning between any two people.

So you respond to what ever has meaning for you? You respond to what you give your loyalty to. Loyalty is the recognition of roots. We are not physically trees, but we are spiritually so. There is a long chain of causation and support that runs deeply into the worlds existence itself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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