'Loyalty' Chapter


Loyalty is the recognition of roots. You respond to what you give your loyalty to. Ones natural affections are a base of loyalty. We love life and we want to be alive. We are comforted by the presence of other life.

The ultimate scene in which all loyalties play out is the universe itself. When you see the world as your family, then life makes sense and you won’t be able to justify just doing whatever fool thing may occur to you. When you see the earth as your family, then you will understand that a seeming change of loyalty can be nothing more than deferring to wiser minds. There is more than the human realm here.

Don’t worry about what is watching over you. What are you watching over? If you have given your attention to something that hurts or hampers you, then return to your spiritual family. There are loyalties that are natural.

“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life” Napoleon Hill (American author, 1883-1970)

“Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living” Josiah Royce (American Philosopher. 1855-1916)

Recognition Of Roots

The topic is loyalty. What is loyalty, friends? Dedication. Siding with you when others turn against you. Being there for someone. These are indeed aspects of loyalty. I think loyalty is simply upholding the truth. You can be loyal to truth… Seek More

Morality vs. Ethics

Loyalty is your choice of attention? Loyalty is not quite choice, but it does influence choice. Your inner mind recognizes where it comes from even if your conditioned outer consciousness denies any connections whatever. The conscious attitude of denial of… Seek More

Defining Self

I heard that Richard Nixon was very loyal to his people. Oh, indeed. There is honour among thieves and breaches of honour. There is no domain of human experience, I am aware of, that is conflict free. We are loyal… Seek More

Force Of Loyalty

Loyalty can make people so violent sometimes. Even if you are neutral, they would still see you as a threat. Their loyalty is worship. It’s loyalty without understanding. It could be called idolatry, but that illustrates the power of the… Seek More

Web Of Loyalty

The spirit world itself is structured in a web of loyalty. All that exists does so because it has a spirit. Some spirits share their essence very deeply so can function as one being like a bee hive. Some essences… Seek More

Natural Loyalty

My liver is jealous of my kidneys. It’s possible for the liver to be jealous of the kidneys. That leads to jaundice and other health symptoms. Both organs can still function, but due to a disagreement in their functions they… Seek More

Return To Family

A loving family is a good defence against negative influences. We can take a page from our brother and sister species on this planet. Loyalty goes with the territory. It is one with it. If loyalty is being there for… Seek More