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Bravery is not a virtue, it’s a decision.

Return To Family in Loyalty


A loving family is a good defence against negative influences.

We can take a page from our brother and sister species on this planet. Loyalty goes with the territory. It is one with it. If loyalty is being there for those you are loyal to, be there for your world, listen to it. This has nothing to do with news reports and human market trends, fads and the pointless human psychosis that passes from relating to many people. Ever watch a cat just sit and watch things? Or a dog decide it had enough chase and instead go find a place to rest?

When you see the world as your family, the life makes sense, and you won’t be able to justify just doing whatever fool thing may occur to you. When you see the earth as your family, then you will understand that a seeming change of loyalty can be nothing more than deferring to wiser minds. There is more than the human realm here. The world is far older than us, and may itself outlive our species, or maybe just outlive our species as we know it now. Like your granny, it can help you in a lot of ways, but it can’t do as much if you won’t listen.

That is what I will say when someone tries to control my loyalty. I’m deferring to wiser minds. Indeed. It is a legitimate counter argument. I can even tell you who those wiser minds are if you want.

The circumstances that lead to your conception were not invented by humans, and nothing your parents could do in any natural way could assure conception. Even with science, nature still has to assist. You had for your parents not only your mother and father, but the air they were breathing, whatever they had for dinner that night, whatever gifts they received from their neighbourhood that day, even the spirits of your departed great grands. All of these things had a hand in conceiving of you, you personally. Your parents didn’t have the power on their own. They can’t survive by themselves, and you still live in the womb of the earth mother. You are sheltered by her skies, nourished by the blood of her waters.

All they had to do was “get busy”. Yes, and even the knowing that it took to get busy was given to them. It’s instinctive.

Such a thin blanket of air. The earth mother is not invulnerable. Just as you hurt, it can hurt. Just as you can feel betrayed, so can the earth. This is why the earth isn’t just a Santa Claus giving us everything we want. The earth is not human hearted, and this is actually a blessing, because what would a human have done?

A human would have swatted us like a fly. Yes. There has been much more compassion than that shown.

My advice in parting? Don’t worry about what is watching over you. What are you watching over? If you have given your attention to something that hurts or hampers you, then return to your family. I mean family spiritually. There are loyalties that are natural.

Return to what supports you. Exactly what I mean to say, and consider that there is no such thing as a what. We criticize those who we think don’t give other humans enough attention, but everything that exists, exists for the same reason you do, even science would say this.

All or none? All or none is a good measuring stick, and since reality isn’t going away in this case, seems it has to be all.

Namaste friends. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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