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We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Natural Loyalty in Loyalty


My liver is jealous of my kidneys. It’s possible for the liver to be jealous of the kidneys. That leads to jaundice and other health symptoms. Both organs can still function, but due to a disagreement in their functions they interfere with each other.

Because they were both sleeping with my gal bladder. Organs do even sometimes in a sense sleep, and sometimes there are tumours found in organs that are non-malignant, but contrarian tissue of an organ that is not supposed to be there. Sort of the lipstick on the collar. A relationship between organs that shouldn’t exist.

As within so without. Nothing that happens in the body happens all on it’s own. It got it’s ability to behave that way from somewhere else. Their powers of behaviour are spirits, points of intention consciousness, elemental or micro-observers, and they do have an impact on the observer effect. Even the Bible makes mention of it. I must paraphrase, but it says that if there were no humans even the stones would cry out in praise of God.

So like in Kabbalah, we have many spirits in our body. Yes. You are what you eat. Being humanity is being in a privileged point of view.

There is wisdom in the Bible, unfortunately it’s often glossed over or even actively obscured by the orthodoxy. Two other related but often only half quoted statements in the Bible are relevant to the subject of loyalty. After the edict about honouring your mother and father, there is an edict about parents not moving their children to wrath. And in the passages about ignorance and fear, there is a passage on how the word of God is written on the human heart. Loyalty to God is loyalty to self.

Don’t make your kids angry? It’s more a caution about making your kids enemies. Don’t make your kids enemies, because it later goes into advice on how to handle anger. Today, parents commonly make their kids their enemies. They blame the state of social decay on children getting into relationships too early, but this is actually delusional.

Natural loyalty is a remedy for a great many things.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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