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Confucianism Q&A


What were some of the fundamentals about his thoughts or ideas? The analects of Confucius are a collection of works of his basic socio-political doctrines, and his teaching on social justice and compassion. He spoke of the need for loyalty… Seek More

Norse Beliefs


The Norse saw there was not one world, but nine. Perhaps corresponding to the chakras of eastern mysticism, and these nine worlds rested on Yggdrasil the world tree not unlike the Jewish tree of life. Modern physics also have a… Seek More

What is Faith?


Faith is a tricky concept, and sort of muddles with the other principle of trust. They aren’t identical. We know in this day and age that our senses can deceive us, yes? Yet what do we have to rely on… Seek More

Faith Goes Beyond


The topic is faith, and I’m not talking about religion or trust. Trust is sort of going with the flow, and accepting your experiences.  Accepting that you are who and what you are, and that you see the world as… Seek More

Hating Hate


I find it funny how dual peoples minds are. They think love is opposed to hate, that being friendly is different from being aggressive. It differs in quality from love certainly, but in my experience it’s not that simple. We… Seek More

Form Of Desire

Law of Attraction

Is it not me that tells me when something is wrong? Such as taking a life? No. It’s not “you”, not the “I.” I can think about killing, but have no desire to actually do so. Yes. Your perception can… Seek More

Tolerate Your Failings


Can you tolerate your own weaknesses, friends? Your own failings? If not, why not? That can be the biggest trial, but it leads to tolerance of others. It goes back to tending to the moat in your eye, not the… Seek More

Tolerance Is The Step


I will admit I do knowingly and with wilful intent practice ignorance. I practice ignorance, because I accept that I have time and feeling for only a limited number of issues. I have an inherently limited sphere of concern, but… Seek More

Sage And Wise


Shall we discuss Bard magick? It might help to start with some background on the school of thought known today as wizardry. It had an older name, but I am awkward with ancient tongues so I will just stick with… Seek More

Living in Congruence with your Personal Values by Mariana Ashley

Guest Blog

In a nutshell, personal values are traits or qualities that you hold true and believe whole heartedly. They are what define your character. They say who you are and how you would like to be indentified or represented. Personal values… Seek More