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To the degree that any way becomes an object, it ceases to have any truth. Because truth is life and life truth, and we live still in still moments.

One Force in Fatalism


Changing the future can affect the past? Indeed. Changing the future can change the past, because there are not two things to change, just one.

The world is full of these crushing forces of probability, like huge glaciers sliding down a mountain side, but even the mass of these glaciers can change, even completely disappear. How is this possible?

As soon as the event happens, probability becomes certainty. All probability is certainty, because it all has a quality of inertia. This is the essence of fatalism. The wheel keeps spinning.

The glaciers just change their form, melt or break apart, they don’t disappear. This is true. They do not disappear in the literal sense. Things change based on the interference or support of other things. Seemingly huge and unchangeable forces change by the action of other seemingly huge and unchangeable forces. Now where do people fit in?

A bug squashed beneath the glacier. Living in the glacier, ice worms, and some stay like that. But even the behavior of ice worms can change. The reason all of this can change is actually quite simple. There are not many forces, no big elemental powers we have to fight against. There is only one force.

So if you want to change the way the glacier is going, you divert another glacier into it? Indeed. So we use the force? We do.

Ever notice your life can’t seem to change only by parts? You can’t change one habit and not have it affect other habits. In time, it affects all habits. We do live in a quantum world. Nothing can really be broken into partial entities. Whole entities or no entities, and there is only one entity, the axis mundi. The tree of life. The inner Buddha. The observer. It’s all just this one single sort of thing acting like it’s all the thousand countless things.

Now to take it into a dark corner. When you are dealing with a complete system, does it make sense to try to interact with only parts of the system?

No, I think that’s why science so often changes its mind. Indeed. At one point they were saying quantum mechanics was most likely nonsense. Now they are saying it’s the only thing that really makes sense. They keep changing their point of view, and denying that is specifically what they are doing.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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