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Walls don’t always block. They can funnel, intensifying the flow of the river.

Harmonize in Fatalism


Now using my wife and I as an example of how two instruments could harmonize.

She is order. It is what she is being forced to do/be. The force is beyond any one person, any single situation, and it is actually not separate from herself. Fighting it, she fights herself. Using it, only as she is told, she betrays herself. Claiming it, she would claim herself.

Now I will ask you friends, because this force is never subtle, what is it the world seems to be forcing me to be? Not productive. In that case, the opposite.

Talkative. People ask you for advice. You are right.

Only you could really know what pressures you feel. Actually, everyone can. The reason I say everyone can is because everyone exerts the pressure even if not maliciously.

Now with me being a thinker/talker, and my wife being an orderer, we could come into conflict, yes?

Or fit together perfectly. Yes. What decides that outcome?

You do. Yes. She has owned her order making in part, and can own it entirely. She makes sense of things, but she doubts she can understand things. I myself don’t doubt I can understand things, but I doubt I can affect things, communicate things.

She helps you affect things. Yes, and I help her identify things. She often gets a project from me that I don’t even try to give her. I just have ideas. It’s my nature.

Now let me describe both of us if we fully owned what we are.

The world itself is a canny animal. Like a pet, it has sharp instincts and people do too, they just don’t use them deliberately. If I fully owned my expressive role, I would communicate primarily what I observe and not give much mind to what people might be interested in. I would immerse myself in the process that makes me such a chatter box in the first place, and I would grow from that dynamic even if I am not in control of it, so to speak.

Honestly, I think that’s what most people expect. Most of what you say is new and unique and I think that’s why we come to listen. Yes. I can’t fully resist that anyway. I just doubt the insight of what I communicate.

Now if she fully owned her ordering, she would embrace the science of her interests. She could write a technical manual of everything I talk about, make certain that anyone and everyone can understand it, because that is what she wants for herself. But if she doubts that she can understand it, then she won’t own her desire to clarify things.

Now what would she and I be like as a team if we fully embraced what we are? What even the world thinks we are?

You would both get what you want. Would we clash? Or do we clash to whatever degree we do because of our self-doubts?

Definitely because of the self-doubts. Otherwise, no clash.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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