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There is the capacity to focus awareness, which is focusing energy, which is shaping creation.

Know Your Instrument in Fatalism


We can only sing one song at a time.

The purpose of practicing magick is to establish a resonance with a power in the world you would seek to master, and just as music follows a sliding scale, so do these forces. This is why they seem inevitable. They are all there, and everything will be heard in time. But like musicians sitting in an orchestra pit, we can keep our seat. No matter how attuned to joy you become, sorrow will still be possible around you. The Buddha’s compassion didn’t keep anyone from being cruel, not even him.

The secret of controlling your destiny is knowing your instrument, because you do have control over it. It’s been resonating all on its own in those points in your life that you refused to listen.

I need to be greedier. I’m not good at that. Yes. You could likely benefit from that, but the flute always sounds like the flute. The drums always sound like the drums, even if their sounds influence each other. Try to play all parts and you will play none, but listen carefully to the music, and you can harmonize your flute or cello to the tones around you, and thus bend how they affect you.

What does it seem like the world is forcing on you? If you are willing friends, I would really like you to share this.

I see the need to get rich, but not the motivation. Be fruitful.

Responsibility. Be ordered.

Now how much has resistance helped you to be free of that? What would happen if you embraced that? Owned it?

I would possibly run dry of it? No. Nothing ever runs dry, but you are getting in the ballpark.

If you embraced and claimed order, you would treat it like you do anything else that is your property. You would not let someone tell you what you should do with your order. You would apply it according to your will. You would use it as a creative medium. Your order would spread to influence others as all order does. People tend to go with things that make sense. They like to save time.

Can see how much power you could have? Otherwise, it has power over you. You take power or have your power taken, and can you give anything you don’t have?

Other people tell me how to use it. They do so, because you haven’t claimed it, embraced it, and made it part of your being, your life itself.

Or they wish to take your power by controlling you. Indeed, they do. Everyone wants a resource. They want what you have and are willing to take it from you.

For my own behavior, this is just from experience of myself. Ask me, and I am your servant. Tell me, and I am your adversary. People don’t like this about me, but I remain true to myself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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