'Sex' Chapter

Eros Sculpture

Kama sutra. In the native tongue of India, Kama means sex/love, and yama means death. The French call orgasm ‘la petite morte’, because of the physical symptoms being like death; spasming, violent gasping and expulsion of breath, sometimes even loss of consciousness.

Many women detach during physical sex. Women often developed the capacity to detach, unplug, because they weren’t originally engaged and are just dumped on by the male ego. Sex should be likened to an ancient religious ritual, much passion and focus, showing respect for the moment and space.

Sex is all too common in virtual worlds like Second Life. It’s not very well thought out, and not actually considered or created, just re-visited. This is why it manifests as addiction. It’s like pounding your hand with a hammer believing that will make it stop hurting. In the long run it will, because it will be destroyed. This is why sex can seem degrading. It’s depth and substance are not understood or are ignored.

There is a mechanism behind it. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

“Sex ran in him like the sea” John Masefield (British poet, 1878-1967)

Everything is Sex

This may sound absurd, but everything is sex. It’s been in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It’s in the Pantheons of the Gods. Life and death. Fire and earth. It is all sex. Sex is the cycle of creation… Seek More

Mind Sex

It’s an established fact that the mind cannot tell the difference between something vividly imagined and a literal event. They have even discovered something that totally surprised them. They call it mind sex. It has been explored in psychology rather… Seek More

Eros is Your Spirit

This sculpture exemplifies energy transference between a “Couple”. The consuming being mutual, each consuming the other. This transference is continual regardless if it is sexual or not (erotic). by Trinity Hunghi Eros is your spirit. Eros is forever your spirit.… Seek More

First Sexuality

Why is it we can be open with a lover, but not with a parent? I have learned not to tell my Mom anything. Actually, that’s simple. It is one of the dark truths I don’t talk much on, because… Seek More

Sexual Compulsions

Insane sexual compulsions actually form the substance of our social morals. How do they do that? Let’s look at the basic unwritten male/female agreement. Males are supposedly the natural aggressors, and supposedly this holds true in all things. Women are… Seek More