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Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

Mind Sex in Sex

Eros Sculpture

It’s an established fact that the mind cannot tell the difference between something vividly imagined and a literal event. They have even discovered something that totally surprised them. They call it mind sex. It has been explored in psychology rather fully, because they didn’t believe it was possible. You can without any form of mechanical activity have your body/mind complete the entire arousal cycle. I have heard people in the online virtual world of Second Life (SL) say that sex in SL isn’t real. It’s just role play. I totally disagree. The majority of what happens even in literal embrace happens in SL also.

It can depend on how engaged you get? This raises another element of Second Life. In a sense, we are capable of a special sort of intimacy in SL. We can reflect elements in our psyches that we can’t depict so easily or directly in the flesh in first life. If we go that far, we can literally depict some of the sacred unions, if that has deep meaning for us.

Visual activity is an important aspect of sex, but women typically deride men’s focus on the visual. They criticize too soon. I am as moved by a sly smile or a demure cast to the shoulders, really more so, than I am any obvious feature. Even a subtle movement of the eyes as I discuss something with my love can fire my desire. I seek a sense of my lover’s energy, their spirit, and I assure you that subtle body language does reflect itself in the physical experience.

Second Life requires words, in real life words tend to disappear? Words have meaning, and words have meaning in the context of total bodies of communication. If I randomly say ‘feet’, just the word ‘feet’, it has no meaning. Feet.  Am I saying anything? If I touch someone on the back spontaneously, does it mean anything? I might not have meant to so who knows? But as the actions string together, as words string together, as encounters string together, as lives come together, there is meaning.

When you embrace another you also embrace their world. If you truly engage them, the sex you have is in the context of that person’s perception and attention. If not, you get communing experiences that tend to be like pantomime. You may have communicated, but your depth is limited if your attention doesn’t encompass your partner.

This question is for those who have or have had male partners; How often does their body language suggest a brutish and blind indifference like they really don’t want to be doing anything for very long? And of women, sex isn’t something that just spontaneously happens. It’s why sex therapists are usually pretty stable in business. They have to provide insight to estranged couples after the fact. For those with female partners, has ignoring their mood or feelings ever been worth it? Honestly even if they humor you, hell maybe they’re frustrated and willing to work it out physically, is that even worth touching? Do you actually want meat? If I want meat, I will go make a turkey sandwich thank you very much.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Taima

    Kami Ryu-o, Divine Dragon King. Shai Lord of Fate, Weaving Destiny’s Ring. One Cosmic Illusion, One Cycling God, Lighting Fires of Knowledge with a Mystical Rod. Granting motion and stillness, sensation and thought, Ideas that Existence is something We wrought. With Mastery so clever it never has been, Immortals enduring believe We can win. Through failure and triumph surely purpose will call, With no true direction how could We fall? Blessed are those who honor Thy name, the perplexing Sameness of he Universe Game. Conquer the Invisible, an Enlightened pursuit. Then Abolish redemption and consume of the Fruit. Always empowered so never fear bleak. Never be strong and never be weak. Eschaton Partner abiding beyond, the Dying and Loving of which We’re so fond, Will bind Us to One and tear worlds apart. If Union is always how can it start? We fill up with rapture but to leave it behind, is to marry the Spirit and forever be blind. When there is nothing to see, with bliss shall We pay, to Experience All on the Unending Way.

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