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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Eros is Your Spirit in Sex

Eros Sculpture
This sculpture exemplifies energy transference between a “Couple”. The consuming being mutual, each consuming the other. This transference is continual regardless if it is sexual or not (erotic).
by Trinity Hunghi

Eros is your spirit. Eros is forever your spirit. Psyche is your memory. It’s your learning, your skills and self expression, and ideally they are coupled. Not to be gross, but whenever a pathogen invades you it isn’t seeking your death. Your death kills it. It’s seeking symbiosis, life feeding life, as in this sculpture. If you would seek sexual intercourse without an intension of synergy, you are denying yourself and stealing from your partner.

At least missing out on the point? Yes. Thus my statement, everything is sex. If you would know a friend deeply, you are engaging in intercourse. If you are male or you are female, there is no avoiding this fact sexism aside. There is a nature in all of life, a duality and balance. My point being, you cannot be more of what you are.

Doesn’t this all seem a bit heterosexist? Not my intention. There are yin males, and yang males.  There are yin females, and yang females.

Not all action requires an equal and opposite reaction? This is true, and you can take reaction on a passive force. You can express your libido toward an object, but there is a dynamic that runs under even that and affects not only your view of sex, but of the world. Those who suppress the libido, how do they seem? Do they seem fully engaged even in their own internal life?

Some convert the libidos energy to higher forms? Well I don’t refute that, but that statement is often a bit of an oversight, a noble face to sublimation. As I said, everything is sex. Everything is union, everything is service, everything is transformation. Any initial act didn’t happen then disappear. There is karma to it, an underlying spirit.

Regardless of body parts? Yes, because the biological facts are a mere fraction of the force.

Energy cannot be created or lost, it can only be transformed. Sex is an exchange of energy of one form for another. Intention for health to care. Intention of strength for support. What is not actually shared in sex? For many very little is actually shared, but when filling out a profile and it asks you for sex it isn’t a dirty word. The union of Nut and Geb in Egyptian mythology, the ever present process of union, why would you insist that sex is merely coitus? If anything even coitus is all too often merely masturbation using the other to get to orgasm, and in fact scary so they get it over with quickly. Perhaps violating their desire to seek intimacy with you, because you would embrace only coitus? Whenever your partner is objectified the exchange is disrespected. If you seek release then seek release. In embracing another, I suggest that you would be more fully fulfilled by seeking synergy.

What about folks who fetishize certain body parts? Body part symbolism has actually been a part of human consciousness for a long time. There is meaning. What I speak against is rejecting awareness. The Song of Solomon is almost worship, and it does enumerate the feminine physical parts.

All of what we do, especially with each other, is about attention. Attention and intention. The most direct and intense form of attention we can share is the embrace that has the power to start a new life. I am not speaking of which partners and even for those who would embrace a partner of their own gender, it’s still an embrace that can start a life. Pair bonding can start a new life. When you bond intimately, when you validate another, let them into your life. As a matter of fact, death and resurrection are very often linked to sexual mysticism.  It is a life born anew.

I don’t care what gender you are. Anyone, when you open your arms, maybe open your mind too. When you open your mouth, do remember to open your heart.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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