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Warriors and soldiers are passionate? But that is merely focus. They are controlled and they are driven. They believe, but this is not passion. Passion sort of excludes belief.

Traits Of Aging in Aging


Your body acquires the traits of aging in the same way that you acquire beliefs. Degenerative diseases. They stem from any of a collection of frustrations.

I’ll use an example of aging. Back pain. It’s an adaptive response to either the literal practice of or the psychological focus on physical labour. It comes from a belief that can be summed up as life is hard and then you die. There are a lot of variations on this belief, but they all show up in the same personality characteristics. A long suffering attitude about events often coupled with a subtle apathy and the idea (if only subconscious) that it is ones moral responsibility to bear the weight of the world on ones shoulders. These messages act as a steady signal to the body that over time stresses the parts of the body image and thus the body that are expressed in the related metaphors.

So the discs in your spine are reacting to this message? Indeed, they are. Your body can’t tell the difference between your intention and your imagination. It takes everything literally. That’s why the self image of being old is so damaging.

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When I was in school I often carried a very heavy bag on my back. I think I am paying for that now with upper back pain. Can we explore that? What lead you to carry this very heavy bag? Lots of homework. And you resented that, no?

Yes. I often did not complete my homework because I was so unmotivated to do it. I was forced to learn stuff I didn’t understand and didn’t care to. Your upper back pain likely surfaces most when you feel like you are being forced to solve problems or answer questions. You are likely having a mild amount even now. Your body doesn’t make the intellectual distinctions. For you, a day spent moving furniture won’t make you as tired as a day making plans. Am I wrong?

That is true. I like physical work. Your body balances out your energy in such a way that it forms a sort of matrix. This matrix or pattern shows up both in your bodily symptoms and in your subjective experience. You cannot separate these. Tell me what you think it is to be aging, and you have also told me what it is for you to be alive.

So every degenerative aging system we experience is due to an associated belief? Yes, indeed. Otherwise, the biological aging would be more generalized and would show up later in what people consider dying of old age.

Just a mellowing? Yes. I am not telling you that you are immune to aging, but I am saying that you choose how you age.

So many have mobility problems. What is that linked to? Various can’t statements. The specific can’t statement differing with each mobility problem. Arthritis being “can’t have”.

Weak legs would be what? Can’t go? Can’t stand whatever element they are hostile toward. Hostility is incredibly damaging.

My husbands grandfather started getting weak legs when he was told he couldn’t drive anymore. His car was his life line pretty much. In his case it was the belief that he can’t stand up for himself. He felt he was being bullied. The body becomes more and more sensitive to states of mind as we get older.

This explains how stress accelerates aging. The body is psychoactive and reactive from day one. It just grows increasingly more so.

What about wrinkles? Wrinkles stem from a belief in being drained, dried up. Though some of these things do have entirely bio-mechanical aspects as well, they can be over accelerated by psychological states.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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