'Aging' Chapter


Aging as the acquisition of increasing numbers of characteristics and potential disorder possibly leading to collapse of the system. We lose our center. The majority of supposed symptoms of aging are acquired traits. Your body acquires the traits of aging in the same way that you acquire beliefs. Tell me what you think it is to be aging, and you have also told me what it is for you to be alive.

The ultimate mystery of aging is that there is nothing you should be trying to struggle with. Struggle makes people old. You gain wisdom by growing along the path of your nature. We can work with our own fault lines rather than trying to disrespect our own nature and stress these bodies and the lives we are living. We can embrace our inner nature with both it’s weakness and it’s strength.

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.” Aldous Huxley

“Age is opportunity no less than youth itself.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (American Poet, 1807-1882)

What Is Aging?

I will start today’s topic on Aging with a question. It’s a question everyone seems to struggle with and matters very much for the purpose of understanding the topic. What is aging? Body decomposition. Maturing like a fine wine? Back… Seek More

Traits Of Aging

Your body acquires the traits of aging in the same way that you acquire beliefs. Degenerative diseases. They stem from any of a collection of frustrations. I’ll use an example of aging. Back pain. It’s an adaptive response to either… Seek More

Directed Aging

The acquisition of energy and thus manifest traits cannot be stopped, but its pacing can be controlled and its path directed, at least to a large degree. The direction aging will take you in is the same as it took… Seek More

Path Of Your Nature

It’s really amazing how strong people are. They set themselves against their own nature so intensely and for so long they wind up like little human bonsai trees. Which makes me ask, what do you think of when you see… Seek More

People First

I read somewhere that people like us because of our faults. They make us interesting. Yes. They have done studies both of artificially targeted brain damage and the symptoms of specific neurological illnesses and forms of brain damage. There are… Seek More

Time to Die?

I have a question for you. What is this age thing that everyone seems to worry about? Even children worry about it. It consumes a considerable amount of their attention. Declining health, getting closer to death. Wearing down like an… Seek More

Aging Process

I will offer a definition of age. I offer that age is memory, and I mean memory as a principle, as a physical law. So then, why would age seem to be associated with disease? The longer you live, the… Seek More


Andropause. They even think that there may be a legitimate third gender among humans. Have you heard of it? A-sexual? Yes, they have even traced it genetically it seems. They aren’t sterile, but the biological mechanism is modified. Is that… Seek More

Life Forms a Bubble

I recently made a realization… Owls are known to be wise and crows are said to be murderous, but owls are like hawks and eagles, except they hunt at night, and crows are one of the most intelligent animals. So… Seek More

Idea of Need

So, human preservation… The code that is introducing so much corruption into the planetary organic infrastructure. Almost everything humans have done so far has been based not on perception, observation, empathy or sensitivity of any kind, but on a concept,… Seek More