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My prize is in seeing.

Time to Die? in Aging


I have a question for you. What is this age thing that everyone seems to worry about? Even children worry about it. It consumes a considerable amount of their attention.

Declining health, getting closer to death.

Wearing down like an old engine… It reminds me that I can do better at taking care of myself.

Is it “age” or the physical and mental consequences of aging that bothers such folks?

The idea that we all just grow weaker, well… There isn’t a lot to back that up. The phenomenon is too highly variable.

I think we will do away with retirement ages soon. They may do away with mortality before too long, and that is even without deliberate technology, just the normal advancement of medicine. They will extend life expectancy by a year, every year. What do you think?

That’s cool and also not.

It’s probably inevitable. Many say it is, naturally.

It’s culturally ingrained to think of some concepts, including mortality. What do you want instead of life?

My Nan was asked about that last time I saw her and she scoffed saying, “Who wants to live THAT long? I sure as hell don’t.” She is in her 90s and still feisty. Oh, certainly, also likely completely lucid, or as lucid as most people are at least.

I think she is ready to die when it is her time plain and simple.

I sort of feel that if you lived forever, you could amass a great deal of wealth and power. I think all vampires should be incredibly rich. Some say that is how the rich became rich, sucking the life energy out of others.

True, in a very real way. Exploiting others and passing down wealth through generations.

I think it would be fine to live that long if our bodies are fit. I expect our experience of time would change and it would appear to be a different duration then it does now.

How would we decide when it is someone’s time to die?

Too much pain, no quality of life.

You can’t decide that for someone else. You can tell when they have perhaps made the choice to let go like with a pet who is sick.

Nature doesn’t seem to make that decision. There is no rule of nature that stands in absolute support of death. There are many things that are potentially immortal, lobsters being one. Why would it be wrong for humans to live as long as a fish?

They recently found a 500 year old clam. Indeed, they did. It was huge as far as clams go.

We never see a food animal die of old age do we? Indeed, we usually don’t let them. Humans pervert the cycle of life energy fairly freely, but it’s pretty forgiving, flexible really.

I bet humans in the middle ages who only lived to 30 or so would think living to 90 like we do now is crazy. Human thinking is limited. We have a hard time imagining beyond our experience. They did consider it unnatural to live beyond then. It’s even in written record. A sixty year old had to be more or less evil, too mean to die. This opinion was stated more than once almost literally if not literally. You had to have made a deal with the devil because god took all the good people young. Of course, this is obviously not true or a great many entirely natural beings somehow have made deals with the devil as well? And that somehow without having a soul to barter, either?

I wonder if that clam made a deal with the clam devil. I have heard people honestly try to claim that Sponge Bob cartoons are satanic.

Well, square pants are clearly satanic.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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