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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

Natural Thinking in Jera

Jera Rune

What would happen if we allowed thinking to arise naturally? Would we accomplish less?

As a person who has worked from home, I know the necessity of outside motivation.

I’ve had a few moments of that happen, cultivated through meditation I’ve found, and it was very useful and insightful.

I have met some very naturally energetic and motivated people. Their brains are naturally very busy, and would be no less busy if they allowed them to run naturally. Is your brain more busy when you force it?

Not more busy, but it’s like researching on a specific topic instead of just browsing the internet all day. Both keep you busy, but one gets more done. Ah, decision. Jera looks like a gate somewhat doesn’t it? Or a hallway?

Really, that is the singular role of the mind, decision, and science has discovered some interesting things even about decision. One being that you actually make a decision before you are conscious of having made the decision. The conscious effort you make is after the fact and either just obstructs action or obscures conscious conclusions, or it can draw out the natural decision, educe understanding from your deeper nature. Like hypnotic suggestion, people commonly fear it can make them do something they don’t want to do, but it can’t make the brain behave in any way it wasn’t already inclined to go. Your subconscious mind being broader than your conscious thinking.

So is the use of Jera clear? It’s not specific to any one kind of endeavour.

Yes, it’s very much like Tao. Yes. It can be carried and kept as a way to attune ones awareness to the unfolding of the moment, and to heighten awareness for the part of the process you can participate in personally. It can be used to remind and guide you away from investing attention and emotional energy in things that are outside of your control or even your genuine range of awareness. Jera even looks something like the symbol for a mathematical domain.

It could be interpreted as being open to opportunities. Creating your own luck but being attuned to the universe. Indeed. We are the seeds of everything we desire as individuals. We withhold that potential whenever we reserve ourselves from experiencing an event, or from participating actively in the unfolding of the moment as it occurs. Every moment empty of your presence is a moment made sterile and fallow, and is it made so for any other reason than the idea that we somehow know better? You only know what you are, and you only are what you do. Energy in motion. Thought is motion. Biology is motion. Emotion is motion. Looking at these three, is one of these things not like the others?

They are all interconnected. People even tend to blame emotion on biology, all while they snear at it. They disdain the very process that gives them life and the energy to have their high flying thoughts. They insist that their thoughts should take precedence and remain uninfluenced. Do they not?

Yes. This has been demonstrated in labs to be almost impossible.

I can say from experience, if my body isn’t cooperating I can’t focus on anything.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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