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Respecting Process in Jera

Jera Rune

Today’s rune is jera, pronounced yerah, and it is the sign for the complete procession of the seasons. It is also considered symbolic of the harvest.

The wisdom it has to offer is not one that people are generally receptive of in today’s world. They say that everything works out for the best in the long run, but how many people really think about that let alone believe it these days?

Not many. There is a great deal of effort to make things happen, use force to causal effect, but how well does that work?

I think it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

It’s just more stressful.

I offer that the only things that can be accomplished quickly are those things that have it in their nature to occur quickly, and how much value is there in things that have no real root in the bigger process of the world around us?

Building a dam takes a huge amount of force, but mainly requires organization of funds and manpower. Force alone is insufficient to build a dam. If you choose to ignore the process of the river, it’s cycles, your dam will fail. The notion that everything has a human solution intrigues me. Does the human condition have a human solution?

It takes as much planning as work. Even the notion that planning or human thought has virtue of itself strikes me as a strange notion.

Well, I think a lot of psychologists and sociologists try, though I think they are mostly unsuccessful.

I offer that human thought has worth or virtue only to the degree that it reflects natural processes in the world around us as well as those that occur in our own natures. What would someone think of a person who could change their emotional state with a moments notice? In an instant.

Mentally ill. Words like crazy might be used, flighty, fickle, unstable, untrustworthy. Yet it would seem all human thought is focused on making people crazy. It is designed to make one arrive at a conclusion, establish a specific state on command. Why is this different than emotional change?

It probably isn’t. So is it human effort that makes everything turn out well? Is human effort sufficient to explain any outcome, really?

No, humans do some very bad things to other humans and their environment. What motivates that?

Greed. I would say a loss of perspective. Poorly defined or even poorly understood values. Everything seems to rely on immediate results or as close to that as possible. What do we say when someone makes an entirely arbitrary statement or comes to such a conclusion out of the blue?

I am President.

“Proof?” I really am president, right now. Sounds crazy no? It is crazy. As full of lies and corruption as government is, it still takes the fullness of process for anyone to achieve any goal. The president is recognized as president because all the right events occurred to arrive at that conclusion.

Though if everyone else in the world were vaporized, you very likely could be president. Oh, I could be president in that case and the title would be completely meaningless. In fact, every goal, title or objective is entirely meaningless when taken out of context, when arrived at without the full process, and nothing changes until something changes. Nothing can be done until there is something to be done, and there is never something to be done until there is understanding of the situation. In everything in our world, there is a rhyme and reason. Does normal thinking really account for this, allow for it?

Human scheduling… Does it account for the real course of events that are bound to occur ever?

No. So why do we do it?

Because it helps us get things done. How so?

You check things off your list when you do them but things rarely go as planned. So it organizes human thought?

People rehearse things in their head countless times and then see what a waste of time it was because they never account for everything that actually happens.

I would say it deranges human thought at the same time it arranges it. We do have a natural sense of time and an instinctive sense of cause and effect. These can even be demonstrated under laboratory conditions. Circadian rhythms would be one example.

Well, I find that taking a moment to think about what I’m about to do will allow me to run it through in my head and think of things I wouldn’t have if I had just rushed head long. Ah, indeed, so maybe if planning has any value at all, it’s in the simple fact that it slows you down? Gives time for things to occur to your awareness?

True. Respecting process is the singular source of all positive outcomes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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