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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

More Genuine Reality in Jera

Jera Rune

Jera looks a bit like the yin yang symbol, yes? In Chinese philosophy the concept behind Jera would be synonymous to the Tao.

Yes, a bit. It also looks like greater than / less than or not equal to. It also looks like a rectangle that has the half of two sides missing. All rune symbols are specifically composed of straight lines because they were meant to be easily carved into hard substances. The process of Jera, always involves labour. The purpose of labour is simply to perpetuate contact, preserve balance. The two are actually the same thing.

We perceive the apparent passage of time, the changing character of the seasons, but what seems to us to be many things, many events occurring, are in fact all features of the same singular thing. There is no ideal that is without flaw. There is no corruption without positive intent. Corruption without positive intent is meaningless. We wouldn’t even recognize corruption without the positive context to contrast it against yet we try to arrive early at the knowing state. We try to achieve liberation now, understanding now.

I have always said that you can in fact know everything, just not all at once. My reason for saying this is all the little details we claim to know, to understand, are empty, meaningless by themselves. They can’t even occur by themselves. Nothing is in fact a closed system. Everything is codependent on many other things, co-emergent.

Recently they discovered something surprising about ferroelectical material behaviour. According to the original theory, they should have been able to just encode magnetic domains as they planned on the medium, but they found as they encoded some domains, it would seemingly corrupt others. They have no explanation for this even now, but they are thinking of ways to make productive use of it. What there is to actually know, what genuine understanding is authentically available, cannot be found with heuristics, cannot be found in a mechanical system, because the mechanism we perceive itself doesn’t actually exist.

Why doesn’t it exist? Well, perhaps an example will explain it. What is the one universal thing perpetuating all life?

Reproduction? No. In fact, reproduction has lead to extinction before. It does routinely in bacterial experiments, and in the case of rampant mutation in more complex organisms it leads to extinction of individual viral colonies, and if unchecked to entire viral strains as the required host would die out. Entropy rules reproduction.

How does entropy rule reproduction? Every reproduction involves a loss of energy. Of necessity, a loss of order. Even the reproductive repetition of a sound wave eventually destroys itself, dissipates into noise. What offsets this process is change. Integrity is only preserved through change. Any static persistance will burn out. Anything that doesn’t move with the flow will be dissolved in it. Even in competition between organisms, the most universal defence is not a better ability to kill, it’s a better ability to change. Camouflage would be a big example, and as a defence it occurs on every level of biological complexity. There is even some argument that there is no single species of humanity, but a variety of types, and the ones that do best are those that display the most flexibility in social camouflage.

This appearance of deception, the supposed primacy of illusion, hell… even neuroscience leans heavily toward the notion that our own sense of personal consciousness is an illusion. I offer that illusion is not illusion at all. The primacy of camouflage and deception is actually the manifestation not of some loss of information, some failing of the real, but the demonstration of a deeper more genuine reality.

You ignore the connection and yes, naturally you will start declaring everything to be illusion because you insist on making distinctions and defining things by those distinctions which are themselves illusory. Useful, but not fundamental.

The wisdom of Jera is not in declaring human goals impossible or ambitions to be illusion, it underscores the necessity of keeping any and all consideration of action or objective in context.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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