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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Reality Straight Jacket in Sci Fi

Sci Fi

I am a big fan of science fiction stories, and I deliberately apply science fiction to my life. I will ask you friends, is that insane?

I find the limits of scientific thinking, well… They don’t sit well with my instincts and my personal experience, and science as it stands shows heavy influence by societal prejudice and economic pressure. So I choose to reason with a wider margin about how things work and what might happen, even in the near future. I don’t get very elaborate, because that ruins my sense of disbelief, and like everyone else, I do want to feel like I have some grip on reality even if I won’t accept reality as a rigid straight jacket. I really think the reality straight jacket is a big force behind current stress related health problems. Want to make an animal self-destructive? Put it in a very small box for a while, defeat its natural instincts long enough, and it will stop trusting them, at least for a time.

So you like to see inside the car, but you don’t need to know what every single piece of it does? That’s basically it, or even if I want to know what every part of the car does, I am unwilling to accept that is the only way we can make vehicles. I don’t accept cars as the one strict reality.

You get a headache if you get lectured about it? Well, yes. I get stressed when I get lectured on realism, realist dogma.

I’m reminded of how much Stephen King hates to be asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s as if people don’t understand imagination. They think it has to come from somewhere “real”. Ultimately, you get them from imagination, also known as fantasy, also known as dream.

What sort of science fiction do you like friends?

Something with added humour or suspense. Dr. Who is good.

Possible futures.

Time travel is one of my favourite themes.

I might call what I see in the virtual world of Second Life like a sci-fi flick. Things that don’t fit into my idea of the first life fit in here. Indeed, Second Life itself was once a science fiction concept.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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