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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Rabbit Hole of Reason in Sci Fi

Sci Fi

The interesting thing about science fiction, for people who make it their calling, is that it’s hard if not impossible to strictly define science fiction. The farther you go down the rabbit hole of reason, the fuzzier the science part gets. There is a reason science fiction gets fuzzy.

We create a fictional universe, and a fictional self to inhabit this universe, and this process goes on in what science wants to convince us is real. In my opinion, that reality of the flesh is a useful concept, about as useful as not losing track of your car in a parking lot, and the worship of that idea strikes me as bordering on insane. What do you think?

Threaten the idea to some people and you’ll see how insane they can get. It does get to be a religious issue. Yes. I have seen people have screaming-memee fits when I said that the body was something less than of primary importance. What do you think about this idea of bodies and our experience arising from an organic construct that is synthesizing energy that otherwise has no actual meaning? That everything is just a phantasm being generated by a mobile vegetable that only pretends to have thoughts and free will?

A lot of science stories feature smaller creatures that use a larger body as nothing more than its own personal space craft. I tend to think of our souls as those smaller beings. Like the midi-chlorians from the Star Wars universe, it’s an interesting idea. It even has some solidity to it based on some credible biological research. In general, the theory of symbiogenesis.

I’ve even seen a show about the reality of Star Trek. Many of the things we use now have come from an idea that Star Trek had first, like the touch screens. Indeed. I suspect our tech would be further along if our engineers were given genuine freedom to advance it.

Would you agree that anything that is imagined or dreamed of in Sci Fi can be created because we are getting it from somewhere? Perhaps not literally mirroring it as it was first imagined, but given time, yes. The universe itself gets a vote in exactly how something becomes possible.

Our imagination of the unknown has to use a lot of metaphor, so there is room for interpretation? Indeed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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