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What are you putting your attention on? That’s your intent.

People First in Aging


I read somewhere that people like us because of our faults. They make us interesting. Yes. They have done studies both of artificially targeted brain damage and the symptoms of specific neurological illnesses and forms of brain damage. There are portions of the brain that if they are damaged don’t seem to impair the persons intellectual faculties in the least. They are fully functional and competent, but they become non-entities or sometimes worse.

In the case of some animals, they become threats. A predator altered to be mechanical will quite effectively turn on and eat it’s own kind. The reason this doesn’t actually happen in nature is that those not so altered band together to eliminate the one showing those traits.

So, in fact, your faults act as a sort of psychological body language that tells people you are safe, that you are human. This is why we feel subtly threatened even by things we know don’t have their own will, like computers.

Perhaps in the same way people gang up against the person who doesn’t show any flaw. Yes. Why people love to attack celebrities. They love to see celebs fall. Also true. They fantasize about the celeb being the perfect sex object, or the perfect artist, or the perfect mind, and then go feral when these people prove to be human.

We resent super success in others. This is why the idea that being able to perform paranormally creates such fear. It’s also why we tend to see the very young and the very old as harmless. Both sectors of humanity don’t have or lose their ability to hide their faults though they retain their fundamentally human characteristics.

Do we fear getting old because subconsciously we know that our repressions of our true nature will start to push through and we’ll see how we have distorted ourselves? Yes. We fear public exposure, and fear it more and more over time because we know the facade is crumbling. Our inner nature is a force of nature, elemental. It, like water, can wear down a mountain of will power.

I will offer you something to visualize and tell me if it doesn’t make you cringe. Visualize an old woman crying quietly in a public space. Is this comfortable?

It might depend on the situation. Oh yes, if you know her well, it’s possible she has just had a wonderful experience. Maybe had a touching moment with a grandchild. Now why is it if you see a middle aged man crying in the same way, you fear he’s insane?

Because the stereotype is they should hold it in. Weakness is socially acceptable in females. Weakness is socially acceptable in females and lust and disloyalty are expected of males. Are either of these prejudices sane?

Not really fair. If a guy is sick, he still can’t show weakness or he will be mocked, many times by his own girlfriend.

What if we lived in a world where we were people first? And we taught our little boys and girls to be people and not roles. What if instead of asking the little boy what job he wants to do when he grows up, we ask him to consider what way he can help his neighbours? How he might have fun with his friends? Make human interaction the first thing we consider as well as the bottom line. What would that world be like? There would be no shortage of people doing things to help, because this would be what everyone calls life.

What if your neighbours are jerks? Your neighbours are jerks because there are circumstances that can lead to people adapting that way. Otherwise, they are not actually jerks, just incompatible with you socially and this would be allowable as well.

Some people perceive their own wants to be more important than other people’s needs. Out of panic. The behaviour loses all context outside of the circumstances that give rise to it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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