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First Confront the Self in Gnani Yoga


The reason one attempts to identify their path in yoga, is not because they need to classify themselves. That motive itself would be a serious stumbling block. To not move with knowledge is to lack real understanding.

I like the idea of taking a stand with the knowing that you can move on from it. Unfortunately, many today feel that moving off of a stand is some kind of failing. Many people even ridicule you when you do it. I find myself forced to do it often. It isn’t the most comfortable for me, but my perceptual focus will allow nothing else. It’s move on or shut down. But just as a dance has steps, a form, one can experience integrity in their moving knowledge.

This is why you start by recognizing your path. With the proper foundation, if you start off on the right foot, all other understanding comes more clearly. False identification can do worse than trip up your progress, it can lead you spinning off into a deep void of ignorance, false conclusions and delusion, usually heavily laced with a heady cocktail of ego tripping and self-doubt/self-denial. So if anyone would seek true understanding of the absolute or divine, you must first confront the self, because in the culmination of your understanding you will again confront the self.

When all your knowledge is based on a false foundation, it will eventually come crumbling down. True. In a recent shooting in the States, you would think his field of study would have armored him against any compromise of his mental clarity. According to science, the mind and brain cannot be understood any more clearly than that, and yet …

What was his field of study? Neuroscience with a focus on normative human behaviour. He was even enrolled in a PhD program and was an advanced student.

I get the feeling that when a person embraces aspects of more than one path, they might find enlightenment quicker? Not quicker, but they can move into new phases more quickly. But multiple focuses in the single moment only confuse.

I can see each path being taken to excess. Yes, a singular focus would actually be a problem. The puritan is deluded.

I think you would get the stereotypical nerd, jock, drama queen. Yes, people right now are modelling singular focus.

I’m interested in knowing about the practicalities associated with the study of a particular path. If one were to choose to devote oneself to the study of Gnani yoga, for example, what is involved in the purest form. Study with a guru or yogic teacher? They do each have a tradition of teaching, and yes, it does involve more or less one on one mentorship traditionally, but personal work is also involved, and students do transition between guides, even beyond them. The community responds to each advanced student of one of the paths. Their understanding tends to be recognized, even if their personal philosophy isn’t agreed with.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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