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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Gnani Exercise in Gnani Yoga


I have asked this repeatedly. It was actually in preparation for this point. Though the question still has no wrong answer, I can clearly explain the exercise. Shall we do a Gnani exercise?

No one’s answers are wrong, but everyone who is willing should participate, and then I will explain.

If you will, which paths do you see each of the rest of us in? Remember, speculation is valid.

You have said you are Karma. One is Gnani, another is Bhakti. I think another would be Bhakti though she is also very active, so Karma would fit her. Yet she is hyper-intelligent and curious, so Gnani would fit as well. The last is deep feeling, so Bhakti would fit her, and she is adventurous, so maybe Karma too.

Excellent, who’s next? Try speculating on different answers.

Honestly, can I think everyone here has karma, even the kitty? Everyone has Karma yes, even the kitty. Everyone has karma, not everyone is primarily Karma reactive.

I see Gnani, Bhakti, and Karma elements woven throughout one, but the Karma side is very strong, and so is the Gnani. But I say this with difficulty, as I don’t like to pigeonhole people.

Speculate wildly if you feel inclined.

It seems like everyone here has Gnani as we’re all philosophically inclined. I’m seeing a lot of mixtures. This comes naturally. Souls don’t form by halves.

I wonder if, at a certain time in your life, you can feel a different path emerging and needing to be strengthened. This is indeed true. This is why yoga gurus or guides speak of phases of life. One pursues the phase of the householder when dealing with Karma and Bhakti, the phase of the ascetic when dealing with Bhakti and Gnani, and different permutations of that depending on your personal circumstances.

Ok, shall I explain the purpose of the exercise? It isn’t just to indulge in offensive classification of others. What did you feel as you were giving your answers?


I felt a bit as though I was grasping for straws as I don’t know some here very well.

Worried I’d offend someone.

I was afraid I was missing something.

I don’t worry as much about causing offence. I’d rather offend with truth than with lies.

The purpose of this sort of thinking in Gnani yoga is that the broader and deeper your line of speculation becomes the more level it becomes. In time, as you continue in the speculative conceptualization of the world around you and the people in it, you begin to discover what you are really seeing is yourself. So each set of feelings was entirely legitimate and revealing of your personal path.

According to one person’s answer, she felt she didn’t adequately ‘know’ people. That would be Gnani which is not by definition intellectual.

Another response was that he feared offending others. Most people would interpret that as Bhakti, but this is incorrect. It’s Karma. His real concern is with the possible consequences of offense.

Another response was concern for not having adequately followed the conversation. This is Gnani.

The Bhakti answer here is “I don’t worry as much about causing offence. I’d rather offend with truth than with lies.”

The “Freedom” response was actually Gnani. She felt free because she didn’t feel like she had to equivocate.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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