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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Gnani, Bhakti and Karma Yoga in Karma Yoga

Yoga Karma

That trio I mentioned earlier, thought, belief, and action, these three form the core of any system of yoga, and ultimately anyone will manifest a leaning toward one of these over the others in yoga practice. The three correspond to Gnani, Bhakti, and Karma yoga respectively.

In Gnani yoga, you seek to cultivate true understanding of the world and reality and peoples place in it. In Bhakti yoga, you seek to grow in reverence and compassion for the world and creatures in it as they are, and in Karma yoga, you seek to cultivate a practice of action that creates the least disruption possible.

Rock, paper, scissors? Tank, healing, dps? Indeed, they show up everywhere. The healer has to be devoted. The dps (damage/second) has to be active, and the tank has to be clear on how to start the fight.

Head, heart and gut? Yes, those are correct connections though some perspective might help clarify things. Anyone have a favorite Hindu god?

Ganesha is my special deity in Hinduism. Let’s work with Ganesha, the provider.

In Gnani yoga, your relationship with Ganesha is explored through understanding the way of providers in the world. You understand Ganesha’s work and share insight with others on how that’s playing out in the world. You promote understanding first, then action and hope.

In Karma yoga, you act as Ganesha acts, dedicating your actions to harmony with Ganesha’s own work.

And in Bhakti? In Bhakti yoga, you seek to open your heart to Ganesha. You feel Ganesh’s way in life and the human heart, and keep hope or faith that the way of Ganesha will prove true and endure in the world. Each is valid. Each speaks to a different sort of person, but all are yoga.

Were you to align with one of the three, Gnani, Bhakti, or Karma, which area would you most likely focus most on in practice? Did you mean to inquire about my personal focus? Yes, just out of curiosity. Curiosity is most welcome. So I will ask you, as it encourages me when people can apply these things I talk about, which do you feel would be my focus?

Each has the others in them, but one comes ahead of the others, and one can have a strong element of the others even if they aren’t dominant. Keep in mind, Bhakti devotion can take a great many forms. It’s all devotion, but what you feel devotion to can differ widely.

I would say I am Karma. I have been dominantly driven by the urge to relieve my personal tensions, is very physical and has led to structured action.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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