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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Forgetting in Aging


I’m fat because I’m depressed? You are fat, if you call yourself that, because you are forgotten. The process of forgetting and age are the same thing. Death is forgetting. Life is remembering. The organs forget. They have memory. They use all the same chemical processes that the brain does to form memories, or some variation of that, and the organs can even be reminded of things, and are, from messages they get from other organs that aren’t as forgetful, or even the mind in those rare lucid moments when we aren’t just suffering the repetitive noise that comes about from the brain cramp we get when we think all consciousness has to be problem solving.

There is even a scientist who is studying adipose tissue, fat. Just as the brain has two general classes of tissue, white and grey, adipose tissue comes in two forms, white and brown. They behave and function differently, but are genetically and chemically responsive to each other and can even convert between each other. The theory is that infants have a strong measure of brown adipose tissue which regulates their high metabolism and endothermic regulation. Babies are notably warm, and then this adipose tissue is diminished and replaced by white tissue.

Seeing a parallel? They even respond to the same thing primarily as brain tissue does, glucose.

Brown is memory and white is forgetting? Yes, and some forgetting is necessary when it comes to specific information. It is the same as our need to eliminate solid waste, or even fluid waste products. We have to eliminate the chemical traces that record specific information that has stopped being necessary, but through stress we derange that process as well as numb ourselves to our actual mind which is the same as our genuine life processes. That life force that science insists we don’t have, that connection has to remain clear.

Well, the scientist I mentioned is saying that adipose tissue is all one organ. The fat that forms around the stomach and other tissues is no different than the brain, more or less. I just add my own conclusion on the end there. He is that close. The body didn’t reinvent itself all throughout the process. It didn’t invent a heart and a brain and kidneys and lungs. It’s all the same process, with modifications, added memory capacity, added life force processing capacity.

Evolution? Which indeed is evolution. Sounding like crazy nonsense?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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