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What you think, you do. What you do, you experience. What you experience, you feel. Be conscious of that cycle and you can know freedom.

Idea of Need in Aging


So, human preservation… The code that is introducing so much corruption into the planetary organic infrastructure. Almost everything humans have done so far has been based not on perception, observation, empathy or sensitivity of any kind, but on a concept, a weird viral infection of the human brain that no other species has.

Humans need to stop trying to help what isn’t broken. We don’t trust nature any more. Nature isn’t trusting us much any more either, but it is being very forgiving. It’s giving us all kinds of time, even helping us figure out what we didn’t choose to figure out for ourselves.

The viral concept is necessity, need. Animals have no such concept, no other organism does. They have sensitivity, responsivity. The idea of need is an elaboration, a cancerous corruption of instinct. From the concept of need we structure social hierarchies, elaborate theories of economy, systems of privilege that supposedly represent the rule of law. The balance in an ecosystem is preserved by sensitivity, not by needs. All needs can be met and a population will still die out.

Lack of sexual interest might also be an economic thing… The lack of sexual interest is a sensitivity thing. The social picture or paradigm is corrupt. The information they have to draw on to understand human interaction leaves them unable to connect with their “reason why” to seek out those relationships. The whole system is very well thought out, well rehearsed, well reasoned, and as buggy as the worst software in history. Actually worse. At least with computer software there is some incentive to keep it simple in order to convince humans that the lie is real.¬†They have elaborated the reasons why it is a necessity to the point we cannot constitutionally stomach trying to decode it anymore. Can’t figure it out so we don’t even try. Social apathy is nothing more or less than the paralysis experienced by a cornered rabbit. Most people have adopted the attitude, “Might as well eat me mister predator.”

They say stress is the number one killer these days. It’s killing more people than cancer. That’s amazing really. Killing more people than environmental pollution, but the forces and objects of the mind, the presences we imagine and process there are somehow not real? What do you think?

Well, if they bring forth effects, of course they are real just like Second Life is real.

I can certainly see stress age people.

Every president goes grey quickly.

Another new bit of scientific proof, they have found that meditation and stress management tactics extend telomeres. If you clear your head and release your fears, you reverse your aging a little, and coupled with changing diet, maybe some future science, and we may be able to reverse our aging quite a lot, and with very little effort. What do you think of this?

Apparently, size (of telomeres) matters, after all. It’s a strong theory, but not the only theory or solidly proven.

Even now we say things like 40 is the new 30.

Simply witnessing ourselves – without preferences or judgments – is a considerable stress-reliever.

There is likely a complex system involved both in the recovery and degeneration on a biological level, though this system may have a very simple point of influence.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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