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Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

Life Forms a Bubble in Aging

Crow and Owl

I recently made a realization… Owls are known to be wise and crows are said to be murderous, but owls are like hawks and eagles, except they hunt at night, and crows are one of the most intelligent animals. So it’s actually crows that are smart and owls that are murderous. Owls can see at night and fly completely silent. They are the cats of the bird world.

The mystery of death. In fact, nothing is murderous, but some things live closer to death than others. Shall I go into that a bit?

Life forms a big bubble, like a cell. Close to the nucleus you have bacteria and those forms of life that verge on the inanimate. They no longer classify viruses as inanimate, and they are also finding too much novel activity in bacteria. They don’t view them as little chemical machines any more. Moving out from that nucleus, you have increasingly complex plant life which includes things that blur that classification of “plant”, moulds and fungi, mushrooms, sea urchins as well, some few amphibians. Oh, there is a list. It’s not a clear line. Sea slugs and worms are popular examples, and then further out from the nucleus you have animal life. Out near the cell wall, you have the receptors, humans, and these humans are very sensitive, but also twisted causing disease in the cell. Along side humans you have life forms that are adapted to the increased heat and energy exchange near the border. Many insects, rats, carrion eating creatures, crows, that thrive when there is an upswing in life energy purgation. Sort of like those bacteria and tube worms that survive so well near volcanic vents, there are organisms that survive well in or near the weeping sores that are cities. Does this explain things any?

The truth is not that simple really, but do you think that comes close? It seems a good model to me.

Would those organisms close to the centre have a better chance of surviving? No. All organisms have the same chance at survival, but those closest to the centre are the most responsible for the cells genetic integrity. When those die or are too broken down, the whole cell will die. This is why the planet is so gun ho about defeating human efforts to kill bacteria, thus the super bugs. The planet is smarter than we are so far. Hopefully, we can get wise.

Too much disinfectant use and insecticides, etc. Antibiotics also. Birds show it in their waste now, wild birds.

Remember the days of DDT. The days of DDT and thalidomide might have been involved in my own mutation. It has been difficult to struggle back from, but not impossible.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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