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What you think, you do. What you do, you experience. What you experience, you feel. Be conscious of that cycle and you can know freedom.

Andropause in Aging


Andropause. They even think that there may be a legitimate third gender among humans. Have you heard of it?

A-sexual? Yes, they have even traced it genetically it seems. They aren’t sterile, but the biological mechanism is modified.

Is that becoming more common? Actually, the sociological trend regarding sex recently is psychological, psycho-social, but it may have something to do with the increasing commonality of the array of alterations they call autism.

You mean like a swingers club? Or bonobo style? No. They are psychologically unplugged from sexual motivation. They feel weak desire for romantic involvement if even that.

I’ve felt that at times usually coincided with my declining health.

There is fear it may make the culture of Japan vanish, and this tendency has nothing to do with the nuclear crisis there. It was going on even before that incident, or in what would have been viewed as natural numbers.

I read an article on them recently saying they may redefine our notion of romance.

Yea, Japanese youth adults have stopped having sex. They work 80 hours a week, and Japanese women don’t want to get involved with any man that makes less money then they do.

The world as a whole might benefit from that. I think we are getting crowded on earth.

So human efforts at self preservation create a biological as well as physical strain. By physical I mean laws of physics. No single culture should bear the brunt of the psycho-social shift.

Perhaps synchronetically, a new island has formed off the coast of Japan. It was surprising apparently, and it may not endure, also, the sun has recently entered a strangely quiet phase. Scientists do not know why, but it will alter estimates of the speed of the global warming crisis.

So yes, memories purpose is supposed to be reference, orientation, forming the holographic skeleton of the greater entity that should be the human being. But humanity in the modern era preserves not a sense of its state of being or environment, but of its fears, crisis points, crimes and selfish ambitions. Where is the room for natural organic referencing? Actual environmental communication and adaption? When the crow is eyeing you, do you have any sense of what it means, really?

It wants my burger. Yes, there is a good chance it wants that carrion you are eating, very possible.

Crows like to look in windows at us watching them. They don’t go near my garbage can when I stare at them. Yes.

There is another process, that isn’t yet being recognized as memory, but is being scientifically observed and documented. While they make all their mechanistic theories, of course, human beings are proving very sensitive to a wide array of both intuitive and strange stimuli at the same time. We seem able to attune to many more things than scientific and materialist thinkers ever previously allowed in their philosophy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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