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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Self is the Dynamics in Aging


Everyone familiar with the concept of the zeitgeist?

World-spirit. Just as all beings are their own I, and have their own desire, there is a communicated body of awareness, a desire held in common, a mutual urge to live and not only survive but evolve, to prosper and explore information more fully.

This is also an age. We speak of time passing in ages. While that linear time itself is an illusion, the structures we experience as ages are not. They form their own bodies or cells in the fabric of the universe.

Kairotic time rather than chronos time… Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, Chronos and Kairos. We have lost our sense of Kairos because no one is paying attention to true memory.

Some call this memory akasha. Science calls it the gene pool or genetic memory or species memory. This is the memory I speak of us ignoring. In all of our studies of the brain (and they have gone quite far, they have even recently begun developing a technology that will enable them to look at the magnetic behaviour in a single neuron), they have not been able to separate memory from cognition. Nothing different happens in your brain when you are thinking then when you are recalling something, and nothing different happens in your brain when you are sensing something either. Sensing in the brain is still indistinguishable from memory.

Doesn’t Einstein’s idea of space/time include such “records”? Indeed, quantum theory requires that a “record’ of information be conserved.

So why don’t we have access to the entire body of information? Or at least all the information ever experienced by humans?

We do. Can you recall what it was like to evade being eaten by a smilodon?

There are parts of me that are in touch with that, yes. It’s not impossible.

I have had dreams where I was running away from something…but not often.

Why is this not an integrated part of our consciousness? Why doesn’t it figure into our current thinking?

Myopia? Too preoccupied with immediate stuff, perhaps.


The reason is selfing. We actually have no idea of self. We don’t know what self is. We don’t recognize the trail it leaves in the world around us. They have even tested this in labs. Our personal agency proves very difficult for our brains to track.

I think to understand something in detail, you have to limit your scope to that thing… God mode ruins the game.

Is that desensitizing? It is a form of desensitization, yes.

Losing the idea of self? No, not losing the idea of self.

The reason we lack a solid sense of agency is why we do not sense the process of agency consciously. We aren’t conscious of the balancing act that leads our brains to recognition of a perception, or a conclusion after thinking even. We just imagine that we had an idea, so to speak, out of the blue. This actually never happens.

So, the point of all this, is that your self is not the heuristics you have adopted, not the blocks you have trained into your body and brain, the inhibitions, the age. Your self is the dynamics. Those forces that have been perpetuating themselves since time immemorial.

You are your desires, not your information. You are your imagination, not the product of. Yet society is pretty invested in convincing you that you are the product of your imagination, that there is no real you, just an illusion arising from biological processes. The chemistry of DNA trying to replicate itself. What do you think of that? Do you agree with that notion? The forces that order your DNA, that give rise to spontaneous and novel DNA behaviour, as well as forces that emerge beyond even the cells of your body, are closer to your true self.

Do you agree that we are just replicating DNA? Where does all this self happen? And why does it use a body and brain?

It needs a computer for memory and CPU?

If anything is illusion it’s the body, but the body isn’t actually an illusion, it’s as real as a book is. The DNA is the ink, but the ink has to be derived from other sources which is also done by us, and the base, the paper, has to be selected as well. The paper is just a blank patch of time space, or really a super potentiated patch. We begin the process of forming a body in that mass space (mass space and time are all the same thing) by a process of impression. We begin to charge it with the energy of our own memory. There is no difference between the gravity of your body that you experience as your fluctuating weight, and the seriousness of your feelings that you experience as shifting moods. I’m both serious and cereal. I mean it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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