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Establishment Religion in Zeitgeist


Zeitgeist means roughly “mans spirit of the age“, and their concern as a body is with the social ills we now experience. They are in a sense a party to the spiritual community, because they do have views on spirituality and religion, but they are focused more on their areas of concern than criticisms of any specific thing. Essentially, and I think we can all relate to this, our society as it stands now was built on an economic model. They had other ideals for it to start, and there was much debate in early American history, as there have been in other places.

Principles of Zeitgeist have three divisions; religion, money and government. Money is in a sense religion, and so is government. Establishment religion is about politics, and always has been. From the Popes crowning Kings, to the agendas held by our politicians. It’s really about the religions we already know. There is a select hierarchy, and really not much different from ancient Egypt.

Spirituality should be your choice, and not shaped by political agenda. This is the principal of Zeitgeist. Bush spoke very religiously as he sent our soldiers off to fight for Halliburton’s profits. He even said God directed him to do it. The whole self sacrifice agenda exists to prevent people from seeing their immediate situation.  The Zeitgeist movement doesn’t believe spirituality is wrong. They acknowledge the drive in human beings to understand their relationship to things, but they don’t feel that establishment religion contributes in any real way to the greater good. They define spirituality as an effort to understand our place in the world, and with each other, but it’s not their focus.

The primary concern in the Zeitgeist movement is that the monetary system we have set up has been, and continues to be a corrupting influence on society. They aren’t speaking against ownership, or even trade, but this is their own self stated core agenda. Saying that the Federal Reserve Bank forces the US to get involved in wars to force the government to borrow money, and make bankers and corporations richer.

The monetary system is a scam, and it was even temporarily abolished in the States, or I should say the banking system. It keeps people seeking employment to pay debts they will never be able to, because in the monetary system all money is created from debt. It’s just a debt system, and not true trade. Every time you make money you make debt. Ever time you deposit money in a bank, you make more debt, even your investments. If they scuttle their efforts, they don’t have to do anything for you, do they?

We did have a debt free monetary system for a short while. It was Lincoln’s doing, and there was one before him that challenged the institution of the central bank, and he even abolished it for a bit. But the debt free system was the greenback. It did literally represent the governments part in trade. There were no more greenbacks than the governments stock of gold and silver, so they did have literal value, and were fair trade for goods and services.

It’s basically orthodox slavery. England was the source of our current bank system, and the feudal system didn’t go away, it just changed. Americans complain about migrant workers from the South American states. We create the system that makes that happen, and they don’t want to leave their homes and families. They don’t necessarily like the northern climate better. We make them come here, and then blame them.

The Zeitgeist movement feels we need to establish a resource based economy, and fund socially supportive technology, not weapons programs. The alternative as they see it is a resource based economy, and a commitment to using resources for socially supportive technologies, sustainable technologies, and not weapons or toxic resources.

Mainly a change in intent? Well, a bit more than that. They focus much on what are called emergent states. That establishment is anti-productive, and is the reason for abuse of our resources and our people. The “self sacrifice” doctrine, and not built on a foundation of supporting people.

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