'Zeitgeist' Chapter


We aren’t here to offer anyone the “opiate” that Marx spoke against, so if you don’t want to hear about money or government because it’s not “spiritual”, well then you don’t get us. Principles of Zeitgeist have three divisions, religion, money and government. A principal of Zeitgeist is that spirituality should be your choice and not shaped by political agenda, but they don’t feel that establishment religion contributes in any real way to the greater good. The alternative to the current economic system, as they see it, is a resource based economy, and a commitment to using resources for socially supportive technologies, sustainable technologies, and not weapons or toxic resources.

“The zeitgeist is clear. People in this state want change. They’re tired of scandal. They want to turn things around, and that’s just what we are going to do.” Ted Strickland

“In times of change, of Zeitgeist, when the accompanying need for new orientation to new conditions the psyche is stunned into activity- Sensitive souls receive the impact of these activities from the psychic depths.” John Weir Perry

Establishment Religion

Zeitgeist means roughly “mans spirit of the age“, and their concern as a body is with the social ills we now experience. They are in a sense a party to the spiritual community, because they do have views on spirituality… Seek More

Paying For It

Money is the biggest belief of all. Money is the biggest religion. In the almighty bill or coin we trust.  Even before the Zeitgeist movement was founded, I recall hearing that we had the technology to terraform barren desert land, but… Seek More

Alternative View

Let’s use a model. Say you want my counselling (that being what I do), if you give me money how will it go? There does have to be an agreement system, but if in my example you sought my counselling so… Seek More

It Is Your Choice

For various reasons, we accept that we “must” from society, but we do not “have” to do anything except breathe and eat? Actually, yes we do. You won’t get to eat anything if you don’t work, or break the law.… Seek More