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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Paying For It in Zeitgeist


Money is the biggest belief of all. Money is the biggest religion. In the almighty bill or coin we trust.  Even before the Zeitgeist movement was founded, I recall hearing that we had the technology to terraform barren desert land, but no one chose to do it. It would make land less scarce and make the property markets drop. They couldn’t enslave people to owning real estate.

How about who was going to pay for it? The “who was going to pay for it” is the problem according to the Zeitgeist movement. The big people have the money, but we are all paying for them, not they for us. They feel we could use the resources to terraform unliveable land on our planet and let people live there, if we embrace a strictly resource based economy.

That’s partly a result of a system of legalized bribery we have in our campaign finance in the US. Indeed, and the legalized bribery is even a joke, because it’s based on an arbitrary system where the moneys aren’t even connected to an actual resource. It’s basically meaningless debt.  Just debt, and for receiving what in their view should already be ours. When it was a trade in resources it was fair dealing. You gave a cow, because you got grain.

Banks creating money by just giving out loans, which amounts to adding an account to their database and entering a number. Poof! You have money! And now the bank has another asset to list on its balance sheet. Yes, basically by “crediting” you, all the bank is doing is owning you, because our society more or less compels you to agree with it. These are facts. The people making the decisions that cut down more of our forest than we need to are not us.

It’s crazy, and it’s a big debt bubble doomed to burst eventually. Yes, it basically has, and will inevitably get worse. Some of our leaders seem to be making a half hearted effort to do something about it, but will it work?

We elect the politicians. Actually no we don’t, the electoral college does, and it consists of people who had the money to run for office. The world has become a business

Semantics. We vote, and within a state, the politician receiving the most votes gets the electoral votes. Hmm, then why don’t we prosper? The politicians make huge promises. Why aren’t they being met?

Why has the bulk of humankind never prospered? Well, we have had money and Kings for a long time, and Kings were Kings for having money, for having resources which they took by force if not by agreement.

According to the Zeitgeist movement, it sounds like it’s because of a flaw in economics? Basically yes. They don’t feel we need to have no economy of any kind. Their belief is that it must be strictly resource based.

Russia went communist for a reason. They spoke of communism as an evil, but I don’t think those ideals were the evil. They went un-communism for another reason, because when everything became property of the state then those who “were the state” owned everything. The Zeitgeist movement isn’t espousing communism either.

If there is no law to force someone to address neglect of neighbourhood, the neighbourhood goes downhill? Law doesn’t prevent that. If anything, law is just a link in a very long extortion racket. It exists to remind you that you owe someone your soul.

The rule of law in western society is what enables discussions like these? No. As a matter of fact, the rule of law is what enables discussions like these to be monitored, They call it the patriot act. I don’t think they are principled, and I do know that Obama himself signed a bill permitting media companies to check your computer just because they want to. It’s to “prevent piracy”. The only politicians are the people who wouldn’t do that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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