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Contemplating god/the gods is an excellent practice. It structures our perception of our narrower lives in a useful way. Even if your highest principle is an abstract notion, it serves the same purpose.

It Is Your Choice in Zeitgeist


For various reasons, we accept that we “must” from society, but we do not “have” to do anything except breathe and eat? Actually, yes we do. You won’t get to eat anything if you don’t work, or break the law. Somebody owns anything and everything you might want. It is your choice, but should you be forced to make such a stupid choice?  In the past even in America as it was starting out in some places, if you wanted to live somewhere you just did. If someone else was already there, you had to fight, and people generally don’t want to fight with anyone.

Which is why so many want robots to do work for us, instead of ourselves. Yes, and there are people who like building robots, and fixing them, and inventing new ones.

Over the last generations mankind has grown lazy due to machines able to do work for them. Actually, I disagree. Mankind has grow lazy from having their place chosen for them, and they naturally don’t want to do it. It isn’t machines that have done harm.

An auto worker 30 years ago was fit and in the best shape of his life because everything was manual labour. An autoworker today has high cholesterol and blood pressure because he just presses a button. Ah, and 30 years ago the autoworker may have actually wanted to make cars. Now the autoworkers are vanishing, and it isn’t because they weren’t doing the work.

I don’t agree with the Zeitgeist movement totally, but the system as it stands isn’t honest. In a non resource based economy there doesn’t have to be honesty. In a resource based economy you won’t get my two potatoes until I have two apples from you. If you live in New York you aren’t the only person living in new York, and in all likelihood someone with food would want something you had or could do.

If you don’t trust someone you’re dealing with, they could have poisoned the apples which they gave you and come back hours later and take all of your potatoes. Indeed, I wasn’t invalidating honesty, I was invalidating the trust system represented by money. Relative value, and that’s the problem. We live in a real world, and the value of food isn’t relative.

This is like saying that words have corrupted trust. Words, languages, are a medium, as is money. A flexible representation of something else. More argument for a resource based economy.

Utopia can endure when the circumstances can permit, and with our grasp of technology circumstances can permit. With a no money system the car costs nothing. There is meaning to production of technological solutions. In Amish communities they build water wheels together, and they don’t ask who is paying for it. It works just fine. They live in such a way that they don’t need much from us. They are quite adept at industry, and they aren’t doing it for wealth. It goes against their religious values to seek wealth, but they do have to buy some things from outside.

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Travis Saunders
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