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What you think, you do. What you do, you experience. What you experience, you feel. Be conscious of that cycle and you can know freedom.

Choice Making Center in Causality


The events that lead you to choose chocolate chip over peanut butter cookies are not confined to that. Something as simple as your preferred choice of cake or pie is a manifestation of how resources both grow and are consumed. Your choice is not disconnected.

This is also part of why you have the innate tendency to grow tired of eating any one thing for too long. Your eating habits are just your personal touch stone on the worlds production and consumption system which is not even really that dual. It’s a transformation system.

I need to touch more broccoli. Actually, yes. You can alter how you plug into the energy exchange system, but you cannot invent something out of nothing to replace eating all together. You make your choice, but you do not invent your choice. You choose your focus, but you have the power to focus because reality focused on you. You are a focus of awareness.

The observer effect, your consciousness, and every aspect of it comes from the world around you. It comes together or is focused into your personal point of view because that logic switch is needed. That choice making center is a part of and is serving the whole. Somebody has to make the donuts as the old commercial goes, and someone else has to eat them, and they both have to consider together what the future of donuts is or if there will be any more donuts. But even if they choose that, the capability to make donuts will always be there.

The universe is no respecter of individuals, because its primary concern is individuation. The individual is a dynamic growing living energy, and it seeks to preserve life no matter how cleverly you may try to dead end your choices.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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