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First and Last Rule in Causality

Hypertrends in the Wyrd

The default reality is not what Bohm called the explicate reality, it’s the implicate. The strange behaviour of quantum phenomenon is not the big mystery, certainly not a fringe phenomenon. Our concept of matter and particle physics is the fringe or shoddy thinking.

Decisions. They are not what they seem to be. Humanity romanticizes a certain level of thinking and perception, but that focus is like insisting that the meaning of all life and the universe itself must be explainable through examining the structure and behaviour of yogurt cultures.

The human realm has it’s role, and it’s necessary that the human realm continue to behave according to its nature. Algae has to keep acting like algae in order to preserve the health of the oceans ecosystem, but the exchange of energy that gives structure to the universe, to the information we process, is much bigger than the narrow scope human perception can make readily available to us. This isn’t saying much by itself. My point is the pattern itself is not unintelligible. Just as one scientist is observing how the laws of physics have what he calls error correcting code, there are laws, loosely speaking, that govern the structure of information in the universe, that guide causality. Causality is computation.

The goal of the causal computation is to optimize potentiality in every milieu, every dimension. It does this by optimizing the memory efficiency of every sector of space, minimizing index conflicts, preserving a functional directory / direction in each domain of memory and computation.

I’m reminded of the TV show Touch. An intriguing depiction of this math. Yes? The autistic child senses the disruption of the ‘code.’

There is a scientist who is expressing the daring opinion that everything is made of math. I think that is a clumsy start down the right path. It’s not so linear as math, not so mechanistic. It’s as governed by the information that was left out of any specific equation as it is by all the various systems of energy information exchange that could be readily traced along the lines of causality, possessed of both a morphic field and and isomorphic structure. I guess this is sort of like what they call fuzzy logic systems?

Let’s approach this from a less esoteric point of view. Just as an animal’s display behaviour is affected by environmental change (and the criteria for sexual selection adapts as readily as the display behaviour does), in cold weather the male that displays the best ability to cope with colder weather is more attractive.

The world is not just a collection of disconnected ecosystems. Even the human psychosystem, that thing they call culture which has just as much impact on sexual selection in humans as ecosystem changes have on other animals, are all part of the same body of exchange, the same information pool. We respond to a whole state of the world. Everything is experiencing the stress of human abuse, no exceptions, but everything also experiences more natural mood shifts, what could be called emotional or biochemical trends that follow a tidal pattern in planet wide available biological energy.

So the planet expresses a meta-text which you pick up on and adapt to your personal context. But both the planetary behavioural metatext, the ghost in the planetary machine if you prefer, and your personal constructed perceptual context, are parts of and influenced by a greater structure. There are no gaps in the data, no breaks in the story.

The biological rhythms on this planet, even the physical states of matter and accompanying resonance, have echoed energy coming from the sun, and the sun’s behaviour has been influenced by its galactic neighbours. It reacts to the pull of the central mass at the heart of our galaxy, and remember, matter is the actual epiphenomenon. All of this is expressed in the bigger context of the dark matter flow all around it. It isn’t accidental. The anthropic principle, as they call it, is not a fluke. It’s a rule, not because the universe favours human beings or any specific sort of life, but because the physical laws of the universe itself express as life.

The unliving, accidental model of reality, is the illusion. The insane fever dream. The view that is completely out of touch with reality, not the natural behaviour of the human mind. That is where we should be starting from, not something for us to figure out along the way. It is the bedrock of this existence we are trying to understand, not some accidental existential joke played on us just because the universe can.

The first and last rule should be this. The universe is intelligible because it is intelligence. Intelligence is the substance of perception, the fabric of that which is perceived, processed and understood.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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