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Contemplating god/the gods is an excellent practice. It structures our perception of our narrower lives in a useful way. Even if your highest principle is an abstract notion, it serves the same purpose.

Investigating the Universe in Causality

Hypertrends in the Wyrd

Causality is something neither denied nor well accepted by conventional scientific thinkers. Many are heavily invested in a world view where any apparent order is supposedly incidental. Science has not been able to refute causality though, nor causal integrity.

The big problem is that scientists, as well as society as a whole, tends to see things as a collection of objects, and in order to understand function and behaviour they try to look for sub-objects to explain the working of those objects.

There is no evidence really to back up the notion that the universe favours objects over other states of existence. Even science recognizes this in a backhanded sort of way. Most of reality is energy, yet we haven’t yet been able to map the behaviour of energy on a macroscopic scale. We are maybe taking the first steps, but these first steps are undertaken with very little or no understanding. Perhaps the big obstacle is human thought is backward minded, immersed in a sea of energy. They orient on the most superficial constructs of energy.

Recent neuroscience research is uncovering more and more evidence that the nervous system, not only of human beings but of all animal life, is very sensitive to energy. They have even discovered that broad aspects of neural behaviour, like pain messaging, behave in more or less the same way as our sensitivity to the electromagnetic spectrum. The reactions of the brain can be tracked and understood even now as if they were a colour spectrum. They are doing something similar by selectively modifying “circuits” in the brains of flies with what is otherwise a naturally occurring neurotransmitter for them, and then stimulating the prepped circuit with infrared lasers thereby triggering the behaviour.

This is still too narrow a path of investigation, ignoring the natural milieu in which these processes formed. The universe is NOT empty. More and more our scientists are coming to understand the perhaps profound truth of this. They will even acknowledge that matter is an epi-phenomenon.

They now have the opportunity to study the behaviour of life and the natural world in a way that was perhaps not possible before, or at least not as obviously evident. Climate change is creating pressures on natural and living systems that never existed before. The behaviour that they describe as emerging under these conditions is actually not emerging. It’s always been there. It’s not new, and its order is not some strange form of improvisation that nature has never done before. It’s just faster, more lively, more awake.

One of the things they are observing is how context dependent is the behaviour of bacteria and viral life. Things like quorum sensing in bacterial colonies as well as epigenetic adaptation. On the macroscopic level they are observing and have observed the impact of behaviour on sexual selection, and the impact of environmental change on what they still call display behaviour. How life forms attract a mate. This can and does change. The behaviour of organisms is much more complex than the simply accidental shifting of chemical bonds. Matter is just one facet of universal information processes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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