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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Causal Dialogue in Causality


Let’s look at time. We say things like “that was then and this is now” when in fact there is no then and now. There is only the causal field. Everything that seems to be new in your life has the same root as the older events, because everything we perceive as occurring now is actually old news. Everything occurs as a part of the dynamic that leads to the ultimate expression of the connected and connective cause.

Everything is finite and nothing is finite? Exactly. It’s like the universe has a central mass of incredibly complex potential, and this radiates out into a lower energy field we call time and space. But when it expresses here, it is refracted. It appears splintered and so it’s hard to see in the conventional way what the light source or energy source was.

Conventional reality is like the monitor on your computer. The causal processes are not even really processes, and they come to our awareness only after the universe performs the operations on the first and core code and then hands that over to our senses for display. This core code itself manifests in a lot of different ways to our conventional or material senses. DNA, other molecular bonds, even the flocking of particles discovered in the large hadron collider project.

Creation didn’t happen once, it’s happening in every moment? Exactly, but the code is not set in stone. As much as people might like it to be, the core code is a memory system like the RAM in your computer. It’s why this level of reality exists in the first place. We don’t only read the causal dialogue, we write to it. The universe is not dead, not inaninimate, but it is homeostatic.

The universe is habitual. It has tendencies for things to occur. Our personal tendencies and habits are just small scale reflections of that universal process. The fundamental process of the universe is persistence. It doesn’t persist by any form of fixation or freezing. It persists by memory, rehearsal, writing and re-writing elements of the source code, but each time with very subtle changes.

And with the advantage of time? In fact, the universal memory exceeds time parameters. The temporal stream is too limited to accomplish physical persistence. So the re-writing doesn’t occur only in our time stream, but occurs as a process of repetition of universes, bench marks of memory. Time folds on itself, and parallel points of time (on what we might see as a flat plane of time) cross reference with each other. Your current moment cross-pollinates with other potential moments in expression.

The NexusKind of like this Escheresque building we’re in on Reflection Island, The Nexus? Yes. In fact, a structure like this comes close to my own personal perception of reality. This is quite comfortable and mundane for me.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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